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Re: How old Is Everyone?

6/1/2000 10:53 AM
Re: How old Is Everyone?
I wish I could get up an hour early, it just doesn't seem to happen! I thought my work area is pretty bad, but then again it more where you feel comfortable. At the moment (because I don't have everything set up properly), it's not too inspriing to get something done or to work on anything. But I'll get around to it  
5/31/2000 2:45 PM

>my workshop is in the kitchen, where it belongs :)  
The good thing about having the workshop in the kitchen is the close proximity of the dishwasher. A long time ago, when a buddy of mine overhauled his motorcycle, he used the dishwasher to clean the parts. Supposedly it worked really good...  
5/31/2000 4:06 AM
I guess I'll pop in here!  
Age: 28  
Location: Toronto, Canada, capital of North America!  
Instrument: Playing guitar for 16 years now.  
How did I get into effects building?  
A few years ago, I wanted to build my own Tube Screamer clone, so I used my TS9 as a template, and reverse engineered it, knowing absolutely nothing about electronics!  
Somehow I figured things out and it worked, although it took months!  
Then I did the same with an old FF pedal.  
Soon afterwards, I discovered GEOFEX and the rest is history.  
This is my secondary hobby as I use it only to make my electric guitar tone better.
5/31/2000 5:38 AM

You might be a genius!  
6/6/2000 3:23 AM

Okay, since everyone else jumped at this, I'll throw a woman's perspective in the mix.  
Age: 20  
Location: Western edge of Virginia  
Band: None  
First Guitar: Fender Squire Strat, and a Bently Four string bass  
Current Guitar: um, the same two.  
Amp: The tiny little one that came with the squire and a Crate BX-15 bass amp.  
boxes: Zoom 505, Danelectro surf'n'turf  
homemade boxes: electra distortion, tweeked to hell.  
next project: ping'pong delay pedal, and a few solid state speaker/amp combos to use it on.  
Okay, I'm a relitively new guitarist. I've been playing for two years on the six string, and three on the bass. And if it wern't for this thing they call college, I would spend all my time playing. I've always had a knack for electronics, and havn't had to take any classes in it, yet. I plan too, but if I find any spare time in my Computer Science cirriculum, I'll happily spend it doing something other then work.  
I took up playing guitar durring one of those invalid periods. I'm 20, I've had ten surgeries, do the math. Not enough time to work alot, so I'm sticking with this low grade gear until I can find some easy coin or an easy job.  
Found this web site through Orman's old DMZ page on aol, and have just kept quite along time.  
Oh, BTW, call me when you put together that meeting in NC, I'll find a way there. Forgive me if I have to hotwire a car, alright? j/k
6/6/2000 3:50 PM

My Turn... since I started posting, I guess you should know who I am....  
Age: Just turned 22  
Current Location: Kokomo, IN - A Living Hell on Earth  
Other Places Lived: Milwaukee (78-83), Kokomo (83-96), Chicago (96-99).  
Current Job: Recording Engineer, Musician (can you tell I have to live with my parents?)  
Past Jobs: Tape Duplicator, Designer of custom Home Automation systems for Paul Heath Audio in Chicago, Baritsta.  
Started Playing Guitar: Age 10 (I consider myself lucky)  
Main Guitars: Danelectro Hodad w/Bigsby (these things ROCK!!), Danelectro Hodad 12string, Ibanez Jem.  
Other Guitars: I collect old (and new) Danelectros and Silvertones. I also have a handful of generic cheap guitars that are good for experimenting on and banging up. I have a really cool old Vox Bill Wyman bass...never gonna sell that.  
Amps: Marshall 8100 half stack (cool white tolex), heavily modified Fender Dual Showman head with an old Fender 2-12" cab (one of those huge oversized ones), a few assorted small amps including a killer old Silvertone one I got for $25 and has the coolest tremolo ever.  
First Pedal Built: Probably a very old Craig Anderton designed fuzz box I found in a big circuit book. Either that, or something from EPFM. The fuzz is the first thing I remember actually working.  
Current Band: Rape Machine (please don't be offended, we're not into, like, raping people or anything like that, it's more of a figurative thing.)  
Things I LOVE: old Swans(circa 84-86), anything by Godflesh, Meg Lee Chin, Massive Attack, the Cure, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Bile, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, My Bloody Valentine, the Beatles, Portishead, really old Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Nile, Burzum, Sonic Youth, Cibo Matto, Laibach, Merzbow......... too many to try to list all of them.  
Things I HATE: Korn, Godsmack, Kid Rock, etc. - they should all DIE DIE DIE!!!!!! new groups get added to this list daily...  
Anyone caring to know any more about my colorful background and past can feel free to email me. I've done alot more than skulk around Kokomo being depressed for the past year.  

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