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Re: How old Is Everyone?

5/26/2000 11:11 AM
Re: How old Is Everyone?
I'm 33. I ALWAYS liked electronic stuff(esp. tubes) but never learned much beyond basic function and terminology. Started playing 15 years ago and started rewiring my guitar shortly after. Went through the progression of bigger and better amps, then to tube amps and effects.  
About six years ago I got "taken" by Kendrick, had to have someone else actually fix my amp, and vowed that I would NEVER get screwed by an amp tech again. (of course many other ways to get taken still exist) Since then I've steadily been gaining knowledge and skill in amp mods and effect building.  
I've probably owned 40 different amps and 50 different guitars. Worked on most of 'em.  
I currently work at a small music store doing guitar repair and some amp/effect work. I play out a few times a month.
5/26/2000 12:45 PM

I'm 25. I got bitten by the guitar bug when I was 5, laying on the floor listening to my dad's Hendrix albums. That third solo 'piece' on "All Along the Watchtower" (the wah/echo part) scared me sooo badly that I knew I wanted to be able to affect other people in that way, sort of on a more psycological level. I finally picked up a guitar at 15.  
I have a degree in EE, but very little of it is analog based (and I had a very poor teacher for the trasistor part of my electronics class), the empasis was on how to design logic systems. I have been building pedals for about 6 months now, lurking here and at Ampage to get as much information as I can.  
5/26/2000 1:47 PM
You sound like you're about in my field. Funnily enough (well it wasn't funny at the time), I failed my ETA (electronics A), which was amplifier design and opamps. I'd built many working units before, but the teacher couldn't speak english let alone tell us how transistors worked!  
I think that's the problem with a lot of courses, too much time spent with digital. I had to build a shift register for a digit project that had some wierd setups, not many people managed to get it going, but it was fun building it. Never used it since! I wonder how an effect would sound with a shift register????
5/26/2000 3:19 PM

Who am i speaking to?  
I agree about digital classes--I really enjoyed them. I designed a digital delay pedal for my senior design project...because of peer pressure and the fact that I had to impress an instructor...NO ONE saw any reason for anything analog based. I loved the digital classes and took as many as I could because my only other option were horrible power distribution and generation classes that bored me to death.  
I wish that I had more of an analog background, but I know enough that I can troubleshoot a circuit pretty quickly because I have a good understanding of how somthing should work, even if I'm still pretty shaky on the theory of why it works. I'm picking up the analog stuff pretty quickly now.  
As for the shift resiter, I think I may have seen a ring modulator design based on a shift register recently. I can't remember where, though.
5/26/2000 2:37 PM
JD Sleep

I thought I might as well "weigh in" here on this thread. I'd like to know where everyone is from more than how old y'all are.  
Age: 43  
from: Cary, North Carolina, USA  
first pedal: Summer of 1970 - Laffette Fuzztone - $9.95 mail order. Ran on one AA battery. One of the most exciting days of my childhood/teen-years was the day it arrived in the mail! Soon after, my mom decided she didn't like electric guitar too much :-)  
Started play at age 12. Started building DIY effects about 2 years ago, although I've had an interest in it since I was a teenager. Don't know much about electronics yet.  
5/26/2000 3:06 PM

Hey JD,  
Your not to far from me. I grew up in Raleigh but now live in Roanoke Rapids, NC. 37 years old, been playing since I was 15. Got into electronics around that same time. Started building effects about 5 years ago. Been heavy into building tube amps about the last two years. I have so many projects going right now it's ridiculous. I think I may finish them one day. Just got 4 hammond boxes in the mail yesterday, and should be getting some 3pdt switches in the beginning of next week so don't anyone post anything cool for about a week so I can get these done before starting yet another.  
5/26/2000 3:34 PM
from Massachusetts. (anybody know of any electronics stores/flea markets out my way? All I can find is Radio Shack)  
Playing since 17- relatively late.  
Just built my first pedal, been reading about this stuff for months.  
Got into this because of dreams of making a phaser with all parameters controlled by expression pedals.  

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