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How old Is Everyone?

5/26/2000 1:46 AM
How old Is Everyone?
I was just reading some posts, seeing how far back some people remember using effects and realised that some people have had a lot of experience with effects, especially remembering what these sounded like and tinkering with them.  
Just wondering how old everyone is at the forum and how long everyones been playing guitar and building effects/amps etc??  
5/26/2000 3:06 AM
Ed Rembold

41 in july, started taking lessons at 15,  
started messing with building effects as a hobby in 1998. short version. Ed R.
5/26/2000 3:15 AM

I'm 18,  
I started with a fuxxface about a year ago  
(i think it works but it may not be biased properly)  
I'm actually a drummer (been playing for 5 years)  
and guitar for 2.  
I'm thinking of going into engineering: mechanical/electrical/computer...anybody have any suggestions?
5/26/2000 3:22 AM

I did electrical engineering, but towards the end went more towards computers. Good course, you learn all about digit, analogue (my favourite), plus do programing on top of it.  
5/26/2000 3:34 AM
Eric H

I was born in '53, started playing guitar in '69, quit in '84, picked it up again in '98 --started working on effects the same year.  
How about you Pete?  
5/26/2000 4:29 AM

I'm 28 now, started playing air guitar when I was about 10, started tinkering with electronics when I was about 12 or 13, actually got a guitar around 16 and played ever since. Started building amps first (that was the most needed at the time) when I was about 18 and started building effects not long after. I've also built a couple of guitars when I was 18. Great way to combine wood working and electronics!  
Although I haven't been building much stuff over the last 5 or so years, been busy with other things. But now with finally buying a house, I can set up the electronics again and get right back into it!
5/26/2000 6:16 AM

I'm about 100*cos(1.205) and started playing guitar and bass in about 1979, started building effects about a month after that (already knew electronics). Hey I've still got the metal box I used for my first effect - a fuzz unit: used a max'ed out gain 741 driving some diodes, sound was a bit over the top. These days I play on and off just for the hell of it. I'm an Elec. Engineer but would not recommend it to anyone - too much work and no pay - software is a far better career move.  

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