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R.G's Spyder online

5/18/2000 5:23 PM
R.G's Spyder online  
Check it out!  
5/18/2000 5:43 PM

Thanks R.G.  
5/18/2000 9:32 PM

When I have some time, I'm going to build one of these...I really hate batteries :-)  
I was wondering though, many people say that some effects sound better with batteries that don't have their full capacity anymore...would it be possible to put some kind of potmeters on every power output to dial in the voltage so that it doesn't neccesarily provides 9V but you just tune the voltage until your effect sounds best..whatever value that may be ?  
5/18/2000 10:02 PM
R.G. Spyder with dying battery mod
Yeah, I actually have a "dying battery" mod already there for my other pedalboard power supply. I'll add that function to the article. Good call! Thanks for reminding me. Dialable voltage level *and* adjustable internal impedance.
5/18/2000 11:30 PM

Sounds like a good idea, however there might be a simpler way of achieving the same results with only one standard 240/9V transformer.  
What if you add a switch to isolate the earth to the power leads except one of the power leads? So in effect "no pun intended":  
___________ _____+9V  
AC~ ---|Rectifier| +___________ |  
| |--|Regulator|-+----+9V  
AC~ ---| | |____+9V  
This should at least get rid of the ground loops from the effects themselves when using AC power. If you want to use batteries, no problem as you haven't changed any of the chords.  
This diagram is providing that you already have a normal style power supply or power pack with multiple outputs.  
I made up a power supply for my effects probably near on 10 years ago when I didn't know anything about ground loops. The power supply is just a single transformer, with seperate regulators (one for 9V, one for 12V), and I used speaker clips terminals for connecting power wires to 2.5mm dc line plugs (you know the ones where you insert a bare wire and click the terminal down). Having the wires free is so you can switch polarity depending on the effect. If I'm getting ground loops, I just detach a couple of the negative leads and most hum disappears.
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