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AMZ is changing

5/15/2000 8:50 AM
AMZ is changing
Jack is reworking AMZ. Some of the previously existing articles are gone such as the Mini-Booster and Mini-Tubes. I haven't removed the links on my end but I may have to soon. Please don't write me about broken links to AMZ yet.
5/15/2000 11:02 AM

Well, out with the old....  
I'm sure Jack has thought out his plans for AMZ well in advance and has the best intentions at hand. I don't even want to think about how much personal time that site takes up for him. Personally, I'm looking forward to the CD. That's a great idea.
5/16/2000 7:22 AM

I can believe any of this info. is free!!! I would gladly pay for the AMZ cd if only I could use it! I have this stupid webtv and can't afford a computer at the present time. I wanted to make a mini-tubes because the insanity looks too hard...not sure what I can do now
5/16/2000 8:16 AM

Well, I can't believe it's free either but...  
What I can't believe is that of the majority of all the people online reading this stuff, they would go and vote for the slowest possible way to get information.  
I'm sorry, but I think it's crazy that they would rather pay for a CD which Jack has to make, dupe, mail out, rather than get the good stuff right away. Why would you possibly want to wait a month or so for new projects, when you can get them right away as soon as he's finished.  
If they really wanted the site on CD, just get Internet Explorer, save the site as a web archive and burn a CD. Read/Write CD burners are way cheaper now.  
Oh well, I thank Jack for what he has posted in the past and for what he has contributed and will contribute in the future. I can't help but think that somehow we have lost out a bit.  
Call me greedy but not being able to link to a Mini-Booster or Mini-Tubes schematic online seems a crime.
5/16/2000 10:27 AM
JD Sleep

I second that opinion a BIG way! I had put in my vote for online and I'm still scratching my head as to why Jack got so many votes for a CD.  
You forgot to mention the EASE of getting updates and corrections if it were online instead of a CD...and the lower cost/work-time for AMZ.  
I'm looking forward to the CD, not really looking forward to keeping track of all the email or online addendums that will most likely follow it. And I don't mean to sound like Jack won't produce very good error-free material, but IMHO, feedback from users almost always leads to improvements.  
5/16/2000 12:12 PM
paul perry

Well I must be pretty retro, because I'd like to see it as a...... BOOK! with a CD of samples. Like the old Craig Anderton & flexidisk. Most of the CA stuff is online (without permission) but people still buy his books. I buy every guitar fx book I see, and i think if the Stompbox Cookbook by Boscorelli had a promotional net presence he would sell thousands more. But, whater the outcome, thanks for the enormous effort to date! Truly AMaZing ;-)
5/16/2000 5:40 PM

Hell, I am so new at this that I didn't even know that people voted for that!!!I don't get that at all...why would you want to wait?All I know is...I wish I would have copied the Mini-tubes when I had a chance!!!

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