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Re: new RAT -> old RAT

5/20/2000 10:54 AM
FrankC Re: new RAT -> old RAT
You'd think they'd know better...Proco, that is
And now, a word from our sponsors:

5/22/2000 8:10 PM

how does the LED make a difference in the sound?  
is there any way to counteract the sound change without loosing the LED?
5/22/2000 9:33 PM

The LED will give you more headroom before clipping. The output level should increase.  
I don't like LEDs myself having tried a lot of them - I find the sound too buzzy, but that's for my equipment.  
Obviously LEDs can be used fine since Boston used to use the Scholtz stuff for the Rockman line etc...  
AMZ used to have a really good table up regarding diodes, I'm not sure if it's back up yet or will be.  
In any case it will probably be on the CD, which you can purchase hopefully soon.
5/24/2000 5:50 PM

hey aron,  
i think you hit the nail on the head (or the tail on the rat?)  
that's the sound that is wrong. it's to buzzy and it doesn't clip enough.  
i guess i might as well look for a non LED rat  
since that is the sound i'm looking for.  
unless anyone has a sound suggestion on how to counteract the LED, maybe some way of boosting the input level?
5/17/2000 1:19 AM
How did it sound when you modded it, Aron? I really like mine the way it is, but I think I know where I can get another one so maybe...
5/17/2000 1:58 AM

I didn't mod my original circuit. I just built Jack's FAT GNAT and stuck it in the original Big Box! hehehehe  
Jack's FAT GNAT is great.  
5/26/2000 1:10 AM
How difficult is it to build? And how does it sound compared to the Rat?

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