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Re: new RAT -> old RAT

5/13/2000 3:07 PM
Re: new RAT -> old RAT
I built a Rat from the schematic on this page  
and I really like the way it sounds but I've got an oscillation when I turn up the tone and/or drive controls. I'm going to post a new message to see if anyone has a clue to the problem. If I can get rid of the oscillation I think it will be a good fuzzbox
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5/16/2000 12:17 PM

>I'll tell you one thing, though. If you do happen to like that sound, build Jack Orman's Fat Gnat, and use polyester-film caps wherever possible.  
I breadboarded the Fat Gnat a few months ago, and it was a little angry sounding for my tastes. Tell me, what difference in the sound do the poly caps make? I used ceramic disks on mine.  
5/16/2000 4:13 PM

I noticed a difference in the Big Muff Pi when I used poly film instead of ceramic caps. The ceramics seem to make distortion more crunchy like a typical solid-state distortion pedal. The poly films make it more fuzzy, not as much grind if you will.  
Not really black and white differences, just shades of gray. I personally liked the ceramics in the BMP, but its all up to what you like. And stick with poly film for tone control regardless, I think the caps you want to play with are the ones in the feedback loop for the opamp.
5/16/2000 10:52 AM
My rat is from 1986...which model is it? It has no LED. Would it be a vintage model? What year was the first? I would not change it or trade it for anything!
5/16/2000 5:28 PM

That is considered the vintage big box Rat.  
That's the one I have. Mine is even earlier.  
I still have the circuit but replaced it with Jack Orman's FAT Gnat!
5/16/2000 7:53 PM

According to Stompbox, they changed from the big sheet metal box to the smaller tank like enclosure in1984. In '87 came the Rat 2 with LED and glow in the dark graphics. The Turbo Rat has more than double the output of the others. According to the designers, some of the original big box Rats used tantalum capacitors, and after they switched, a lot of players said they liked the sound of the old ones better. The next sonic difference came when they installed an LED, since they still only used a DPDT switch. I guess you could try wiring the switch up as if it didn't have an LED. The designers said (in Stompbox) they tried making several Rats with tantalum caps again and AB'ed them with the their newer ones and could not tell a difference. What amp(s) are you using now compared to when you had the older Rat? I used to think my non-LED Rat sounded kind of hollow through my Hiwatt, but now that I use it through my AC 30 it really sounds incredible.
5/20/2000 6:02 AM

the first rat i had (small box no light) i ran through a fender twin. it was the only box that made that amp have any beef at all(100watts it was too clean).  
my first rat2(1995) ran with the same twin didn't, realy get me. once i ran through a bandmaster reverb head with a 4x12 that was better. i didn't love it so i sold it.  
got another rat2(1999 model)it dosn't do anything for me at all with my current set up(princeton reverb w/ marshall jcm900 50watt 1x12). the rat2 has like no warmth at all, and the gain and beef are allmost nonexcistent.  
the first rat made my super clean twin scream. the new rat makes my marshall sound like a solid state amp.  
sorry pro co

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