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new RAT -> old RAT

5/12/2000 7:24 PM
new RAT -> old RAT
hello everyone.  
i know tone is a source of much debate, but i'd like to hear some different ideas.  
i had an older rat(little case pre led) it seemed to have a really solid distortion.  
i sold it to a friend some years ago ,what was i thinking, i needed cash.  
i've tried the new ones and they don't seem to have much more gain than a sd-1 or a ts-9. the tone also sounds really hollow-mids-solidstate-amp sound, even thru my princeton reverb and marshall combo.  
does any one know how to make the new ones sound like the old ones, and maybe even give it more gain.  
also: my favorite distortion right now is a japan boss turbo overdrive. with the turbo on and the gain almost maxed i get a fantastic expressive tone, very sensitive to volume and picking, solid but you can still play open chords.  
it's lacking on the fat end.  
i was thinking a RAT could do the job but the new rat can hardly compete in gain, clarity, or fat.  
so: if you've got an opinion, i've opened the door, lay it on me.  
5/12/2000 7:43 PM

The Rat schematics are online so you can see what differences there are (probably very little) between different versions.  
Could it be possible you remembered it differently? I know it has more distortion than a TS-9. Don't know about the SD-1.  
If you want a cool sounding box, try Jack Orman's FAT GNAT for Rat-like stuff.
5/12/2000 8:31 PM

i know it has more distortion than a ts-9, and a little more than an sd-1, but not much.  
what i mostly don't like is the new ones (RAT2)  
have a weird hollow mid sound.  
of pro-co's new stomp boxes the vintage rat sounds the best to me but i'ts not in the cool case.  
they got three rats & the brat now it, would be nice if they just made one realy good box.  
pro-co doesn't so i must reak-havoc with my soldering gun, and build a super rat!
5/12/2000 8:50 PM

That's what DIY is all about!  
Check out Jack Orman's article on the Rat:
5/12/2000 8:59 PM

i'm not a total cluts but this is going to be my first mod project (maybe i should start with a bowl haircut, he he).  
does any one know the diferences in the circuits for the RATS (Rat ,rat2, rat+, vintage rat)?  
i read the article it's good but it did'nt realy touch on that.
5/12/2000 9:55 PM

Look at my web page, check out the schematics and look for the differences.
5/13/2000 2:02 AM
I did the same thing a few years ago. I bought a RAT, sold it, and then bought another one a long while later.  
I would bet my entire rig that the old one was far more rich and clear sounding than the new one. I ended up selling the new one pretty soon afterwards.  
I don't know why that was, and I didn't really care too much, as my taste in distortion and overdrive units changed over that time.  
I'll tell you one thing, though. If you do happen to like that sound, build Jack Orman's Fat Gnat, and use polyester-film caps wherever possible. Then, get back to all of us and tell us what you think.  
The first link in Aron's "Killer Links" page will take you to Jack's home page, where you will be able to find a schematic, a great write-up, and sound samples of this great design.  
BTW, the pedal is supposed to be similar to the RAT, but Jack spent lots of time improving on it and tweaking it to the best of his tastes. Whatever you do, good luck!  
Soon afterwards, you'll find yourself building these things day in and day out, as this is highly addictive stuff!

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