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mini dano pedals

5/12/2000 2:29 PM
mini dano pedals
Anyone try these little guys out yet?  
5/12/2000 5:51 PM

My favorite by far is the Flanger. The rest were ok and could be used.  
I found all the distortions too bright. (No tone controls)
5/12/2000 6:04 PM

I have tried all of these pedals except the Flanger, Grilled Cheese Distortion and the BLT Slap Back. I thought the Tuna Melt Tremolo was the best out of the ones I tried. I thought it had a nice vintage tremolo sound and had more variety than the tremolo on my Super Reverb. Plus with the Soft/Hard switch, use the hard side to get a harder clip for a good CCR Midnight Special sound. As far as the others, they were ok....  
Aron is right about the distortions, they were too bright.
5/13/2000 1:33 AM

I tried the tuna melt also.  
FWIW, I thought it sounded better than a guyatone, & the marhsall vibrtrem. & cost about 1/3 as much.  
Seems like the bypass is decent too.  
Been wanting a trem for a while now.  
5/12/2000 6:13 PM

Anybody tried the reverb? I might be looking for a reverb pedal for an older non-reverb Fender and I've heard mixed things about the Corned Beef; for the most part they say it isn't bad for the price.
5/12/2000 7:21 PM

The tremolo pedal sounds great! Even for a mid-priced tremolo! Forget the reverb, though. The one that I tried sounded like a digital slapback echo. I was joking with the guy behind the counter about how maybe the put the wrong circuit in it--and maybe they did.
5/14/2000 12:32 AM

I tried the reverb. It sounded pretty neat for old surf sounds. It was either really strong or weak depending on how you set it. However, I'd just have to use my Fender's reverb. But it might be the sound you're looking for.

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