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Ordering Op Amps

5/10/2000 6:29 AM
Ordering Op Amps
The next couple of projects I have in mind use op amps. I have a question about ordering them - in the Mouser catalog there are typically 3 or 4 different op amps listed for each kind.  
For example, my next project is going to be the Fat Gnat. Jack suggests the NE5532. Mouser doesn't list an NE5532, but does list NJM5532D DIP 8 Dual Op Amp, NJM5532M DMP 8 Low Noise Op amp. Which should I choose. Another example is with the famous RC4558. I don't see any "RC" 4558 chips listed, but there are 7 different chips listed with 4558 in the stock number. How do I know what to buy?
5/10/2000 8:31 AM
JD Sleep

That depends if you are making a surface mount board or a "drilled" board with the parts mounted on one side and the tracks and pads on the other. the NJM5532M is surface mount. BTW, Mouser is kind enough to mark all surface mount ICs with a black diamond preceeding the order number in their catalog.  
5/10/2000 9:22 AM

I didn't know about the diamond!  
I ordered some surface mount by mistake. Luckily not a lot.  
The FAT GNAT sounds great with an RC4558 made by TI.  
Here's a question:  
I love the RC4558 by TI, now how can I order away for these? They are expensive locally, but great sounding.  
5/10/2000 3:11 PM

Thanks JD- That explains all those little diamonds!  
By the way, my first project was a Fuzz Face based on your layout. Works great!  
One more question-  
What do those different prefixes mean?  
for example: DIP-8, EMP-8, SO-8, etc? Are those ddifferent case styles?  
Is all this explained somewhere else on the site? I know you list the Mouser # for the RC 4558 - but that's the only one I could find. Since most of us order from Mouser, maybe it would be a good idea to post a chart somewhere that lists a few of the most common op amps (RC4558, TL072, etc) and their corresponding Mouser catalog # and Digikey # (assuming we'll all be doing drilled PC Board construction)  
5/10/2000 3:28 PM
JD Sleep

I don't know what all the prefixes and suffixes stand for. In general, you're looking for "DIP" ICs. The prefix indicate the company that made the IC and the suffix indicates the type. Someone else here might be able to provide further information.  
Ordering ICs from catalog is tricky, A list as you described would be VERY handy for a lot of us. Aron's site seems like a good place for such a list. I would be glad to post a list at my site, if Aron doesn't post it. I'll be glad to contribute to the list either way.  
5/10/2000 5:28 PM

I can list the op amps I order from MOUSER. Actually I think I should really update what I order from Mouser so others can order the same caps etc... Good Idea!
5/10/2000 5:47 PM

You know, I had Op Amps on my mind but I've also spent a lot of time trying to decide which caps to buy from Mouser, which pots, etc. The "Begginner Section" references a few Mouser part #'s - but a great resource would be a table that gives the Mouser #'s for a variety of the commonly used parts. Maybe a section for IC's, a section for Caps, a section for Hardware such as transitor sockets, a section for pots and minitiature pots, etc. It would be a very handy thing to have. You could just print it out and stick it in your Mouser catalog. Maybe put the table under a link on the main page entitled "Part Ordering Info" or something of the like. What do you think?

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