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Cool Gear & Guitar Site

5/10/2000 2:08 AM
Cool Gear & Guitar Site
Thought I'd turn you on to a site I found:  
I got pointed to this from a post on Jack's site about tube amps (Thanks Jack!).  
Anyway, they are going to start carrying Maestro re-issue gear in the future. They also have a Kramer Focus (stratlike semi-clone) for $69 (!). What piqued my interest was a 10 watt tube amp with 8" speaker in a closed back cabinet for $89. This is just what I have been looking for- a *cheap* all-tube practice amp for recording and etc. I think I'm going to bite...  
They also have a 30 watt version that looks interesting, but I'm interested in lower wattage.  
Have fun,  
5/10/2000 3:36 AM

I saw that site as well and was interested in  
the Elektar amps.  
I posted at Jacks site for any info on this brand  
Like if it's cheesy or something.  
Under the tech tips or something like that they had a schematic  
for the 10 watt tube amp.  
Gibson was on the drawing.  
Anyone have any info on these Electar Amps  
At 129 for a 30 watt tube amp , it might be good  
to mod as well !!  
5/10/2000 4:07 AM

I've known about this site for a while but have been waiting for someone to say something good about the 10 watt amp. I want to get it too - for modding but I think I'll wait for you first :-)  
5/10/2000 12:03 PM

I've just ordered the 10watt amp :-)  
I'll let you guys know what I think when it arrives.  
Anyway, thanx for the address.  
5/10/2000 12:31 PM

...And I've just ordered it as well. I'll be glad to give a report when it arrives. There are lot of good reports of it in the "feedback" section of MusicYo.  
5/11/2000 7:57 PM

My electar 10 just arrived and I'm glad I bought it...I'm really amazed that such a cheap amp can sound that good !!!  
It won't ever replace my red tolex Vox AC30TB or my 1969 Marshall superbass, but nor will they replace this electar amp.  
This is a very fine addition to my setup, it doesn't sound like a fender or a vox or a marshall, it has a sound of it's own.  
For this price I would recommend this amp to anyone (and even if it was more expensive).  
Delivery is also incredibly fast, I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today.  
5/12/2000 1:51 PM

I'm drooling on my keyboard...  
Mine is supposed to arrive today.  
So how is the bottom end response with the "paf" closed back cabinet? Will the drive control saturate pretty heavily or do you have to beef it up with some clean boost on the front end? How's that tone control?  
Your review sounds enticing, I can't wait!  
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