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5/10/2000 12:21 AM
I tried this with the NTE 158 pnp..nothing...I have really high voltages on E,B,C...I have reversed battery and caps... Help!Thanks!
5/10/2000 12:38 AM

Check out everything on this page:
5/10/2000 1:03 AM

What should my voltages be?
5/10/2000 1:47 AM

I don't know offhand but doesn't R.G. have a write up on this and how to tune it?
5/10/2000 1:54 AM

webtv...can't read pdf files...thanks anyway
5/10/2000 1:55 AM

I would read them to you but R.G. put the document SIDEWAYS! I'm having a hard time figuring out how to read it.  
I think the only way is to print it out.
5/10/2000 2:06 AM
Kate Ebneter

Turn your monitor on its side, Aron, I thought everyone knew that trick. ;-) Seriously, most versions of Acrobat have a button that lets you rotate the view.  
Shame on WebTV for not supporting .pdf files. I'll have to bug my friends over there about that...  
I love the new forum, btw.  
Kate Ebneter  
Collector of Noise Toys

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