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More on 2-knob Tone Benders

5/9/2000 10:01 PM
More on 2-knob Tone Benders
Interesting that the Sola Sound MkII has three transistors - sounds like it's very similar to a Marshall Supa Fuzz.  
Anyone else seen Jacques Stompboxes ?  
On the Italian pedals page he has pics of a 2-knob Vox TB with three transistors, not two... same thing?  
5/9/2000 10:10 PM
Sorry - linked to the wrong page
Slight correction - it's here:  
Vox Tone Bender
5/9/2000 10:11 PM
Re: More on 2-knob Tone Benders
These things are probably almost all the same. Remember the Fuzz Face was a very popular type of circuit. Look at R.G.'s write up about the Fuzz Face. There's a bunch of pedals that are very similar.  
The 3 transistor 2 knob Mark II is basically a germanium Fuzz Face with 1 extra transistor in front. Almost exactly like the silicon Rocket on my site.  
Yeah, the biasing is different, but it's still a Fuzz Face.  
Now that I think about it, 1 extra transistor and the Hornet can easily be a Tone Bender.
5/10/2000 12:51 AM

The component layout is identical to the Marshall Supa Fuzz. Let me get the values of the resistors and caps and we should be able to make a hybrid schematic that includes both.
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