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James Trussart rusty finish on stompboxes?

10/19/2000 3:56 AM
Paul Sarabia
James Trussart rusty finish on stompboxes?
Check out this link to the trussart steelpaul guitar with a rusty finish.Any Ideas on how to do this on a stompbox?
10/19/2000 5:23 AM

I have no idea, veneer photo maybe? Sure would like to find out though, very, very cool looking. Kind of has that "been on the bottom of the sea for twenty years" look to it.  
Take care, Jered
10/19/2000 6:50 AM
Mike Burgundy

He really rusts real steel and other alloys. Wow.  
After careful "ageing", the bodies (or whatever) are cleaned and sealed, so they claim, so the rust never wears off. Giggle. They do look way cool though. There's a review of Trussart's take on the LesPaul in this month's "the Guitar magazine".
10/19/2000 8:41 AM
Joe Gagan

That's beautiful. I suspect he uses acids and other chemicals to get that mottling, then seals it all in epoxy or poly.
10/19/2000 9:29 AM

Check out the description of the finishes on the same site:  
""Rust'o'matic"* as Billy Gibbons calls it. It is first left in the rain to corrode and, after a few weeks, it's treated to stop the process permanently. It is then sanded to achieve the desired look and is finished with a clear satin coat. All the metal parts are given the rust treatment, from the steel headplate to the tailpin, including all the screws, bridge saddles, tuning machines, knobs, etc.. "
10/19/2000 12:58 PM
paul perry

If you are into weird surfaces, you could try soaking your box in copper sulphate solution (I would say 50grams/litre). This will deposit metallic copper on the surface. You would have to seal it in, though, as it won't be very robust. To make the effect less even, clean the box & then mark it with wax crayon, the copper wont deposit where the solution cant get at the box.  
For the VERY experimental (***WARNING CORROSIVE CHEMICALS***) you can dip an aluminium box in caustic soda (lye, or sodium hydroxide) solution and add potassium permanganate. You certainly can see some interesting colours as this reacts, but whether any is permanent I cant say. As the reaction warms up, it gets fast, so dont do it inside. This isn't safe chemistry.  
I cant remember anyone taliking about electroplating boxes. But, it can be done.
10/22/2000 12:36 AM
Paul Sarabia
To paint or not to paint that is the question
Thanks everybody for the suggestions.I have also thought about having my stompbo electroplated.I wonder how much it would cost.One more question.I am using a jewelry box as a my enclosure.The lid is on the top but I wanted it to open from the bottom.So what I did was cut the bottom out and Now I am thinking of permanently welding the top to the rest of the box.The only problem with welding is that I think that that the box is not thick enough and the torch would burn through the box before it is welded together.Now I am thinking ofjust using plumbers solder.If it is strong enough for the abuse remains to be seen.Originally I thought about chrome plating the box.But instead decided on maybe painting it with a metal finish sorta like the new marshall pedals.But then I was thinking howabout after I bake the pedal in a toaster would it melt the solder.Now I think I'll just chrome it.enough thinking I'll just do it a nd see what happens
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