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Help with Fuzz Face and Big Muff

10/17/2000 7:14 PM
Searching for Tone Help with Fuzz Face and Big Muff
You guys seem to know so much about this stuff. My Dad is an electrical engineer and could easily wire something for me. NONE of his expertise rubbed off on me. Anyway, I am trying to find a good Big Muff sound and a good Fuzz Face sound. I figure I can buy each pedal (reissue) and then have him modify it for me. My question would be, where do I find the correct schematics, parts, etc to make this work.  
I know that there are many schematics so I am looking for the best one out there. Any help with finding the best as well as the parts would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
10/17/2000 7:21 PM

The basic problem is that what sounds "good" to you may not be what is "good" to someone else.  
That being said, the usual applies:  
Read this article:  
Check out this page - especially the Fuzz Face and Big Muff parts:  
Read this page:  
and this one:  
No doubt there are a lot more pages, but the basic ideas are in there. For the Fuzz Face, a lot of it is biasing and matching of transistors. For the Big Muff, it may be all about capacitor types and values.  
The final answer, YOUR ears will tell you what is good when you start tweaking. It's your ears that count - when the pedal is right you will hear it and feel it.  
Good Luck!
10/17/2000 9:52 PM
Joe Gagan

Dude, just get in there and start pokin around, burn your fingers! You only THINK you didn't get any electronics from your Dad, -it's all in you, you must BELIEVE!  
Just start reading and messing around, pretty soon you will be doin' all the stuff!
10/17/2000 11:36 PM
Searching for Tone
What I plan on doing is to watch him do it and learn how to do it. Then I won't have to bother him. You know Dad's, they think it's all a waste of time even though he was a very talented musician himself.  
Thanks to both of you. I took the suggested sites and sent it to him. I am sure it will take him 5 minutes or so to do. He has opened many of my pedals before and laughed at how simple they are. We even talked about starting our own business once he retires.  
Thanks again. Nice forum you got here. Probably be a frequent visitor now that I have found it.
10/18/2000 12:05 AM

Joe's right,  
You've got an advantage that your old man's an EE. He can quickly help you out with things if you stuff it up, and give you advice along the way.  
Get that soldering iron cranked up!  
10/18/2000 3:29 AM
Searching for Tone
Thanks man. He has about 50 soldering irons and about none work properly. I am sure we will head out to work to do this. I go home next weekend so I will let you know how things turn out. I will ask him if he has any clues to get better sound. His first job was designing stereos, radio station equipment and such. He built his own stereo that he had for 20 years and it still sounded better than things built 20 years later. I hope to get him fired up about this because he laughed at these pedals I had and I had some high-priced boutique stuff. Even delays he laughed at and I would guess that is a pretty hard thing to build.
10/24/2000 4:20 AM

Delays aren't too hard to build, it's the scarcity of the schematics and the chips are pretty much obsolete of the schematics that do exist. But you're right there isn't much in them. Most pedals can be put together in an afternoon.  
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