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Jaycar's "Twang-O-Matic" (for Australian readers)

10/17/2000 9:39 AM
Paul D.
Jaycar's "Twang-O-Matic" (for Australian readers)
Has anyone built Jaycar Electronics' "Twang-O-Matic" kit? It's one of their "Short Circuits" series. Despite assembling it very carefully, all I get from it is a bad gate effect & a pretty good overdrive sound - not at all like a Hawaiian guitar as advertised.  
P.S. If you're considering having a go at it, be warned that the instructions don't come with the kit ($15.95) - you have to buy the book as well ($28.95 or thereabouts).
10/17/2000 1:28 PM
Mark Hammer

There was a project in a late 70's "101 Electronic Projects" compilation called the Twangomatic which was a 2 transistor booster that goosed the midrange. I seem to recall it using 2N3391's or something like that. Is this it?
10/18/2000 12:18 AM

I haven't seen that one there. I'm planning on heading up to Jaycar at the end of the week. I'm sure we can get around the $28 thing for the book!  
Is it possible to put up a scan of the schematic?  
10/18/2000 11:22 AM
Paul D.

It has a transistor (can't recall the no. & I don't have the kit handy) & a TL072. It claims to modify the waveform, I think (I didn't buy the book - I only managed to get a photocopy of the schem. & parts placement). I don't have access to the necessary technology to put up a schem.. Email me & I'll mail you a copy.  
Is this useful?  
10/19/2000 1:26 PM
paul perry  
has a list of this series of kits. They dont mention the book at all, so possibly they are supplying a copy of the page. Vidcam is in Toowoomba Qld (!!)  
and may be a Jaycar reseller. Certainly their stocklist matches Jaycar catalog numbers.  
US readers, note that you approximately HALVE the prices in $A to convert to $US (but, you noticed that when you came over for the Olympics, right?)
10/20/2000 7:39 AM
paul perry

I havn't built the Twang0Matic yet but.. I *HAVE* got the book! and, looking at the ckt, it is actually a frequency doubler, working by having the transistor between the 2 op amp stages biases almost to cutoff, so only + cycles are amplified.  
If it sounds like shit, it could well be working!!!! You could tweak it by playing with the 10K and 22K resistors across the diode, which shifts the transistor bias.  
The guy at Jaycar where I got the book said that many of the ckts in the book had 'flaws'.
10/21/2000 8:41 AM
Paul D.

Well that's interesting - it seems to be a crappy circuit designed by boffins who don't play guitar. A bit of a disappointment. I'll try tweaking it as you suggest.  
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