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Schaller Wah Wah

10/17/2000 5:51 AM
Schaller Wah Wah
Does anybody have a circuit diagram for a Schaller Wah wah/yoy yoy. I have just got hold of one but somebody has worked on it and changed a lot of the wiring (and possibly the transistors)
10/17/2000 7:29 AM
Preben Hansen

Hi Ian.  
I think you can find the schem. at Stellan's site.  
Regards Preben
10/17/2000 8:29 AM

Hi Preben.  
I could not see it there, I also looked at Aron's site, GEOFEX, and tried a URL from Harmony Central (supposedly the Schaller site) - all without success.  
10/17/2000 9:58 AM

I think I remember seeing it on Jamie Heilmen's(?) site a few years ago. If you can't find it I'm sure somebody here has it.I'll even check.  
10/17/2000 1:25 PM
Mark Hammer

I have a hard copy at home but, like the others, I recall seeing it at either Stellan's site or Robin Tomlund's site. It is easily recognizable by having two 500mh inductors, the second one of which plays a role in getting the yoy-yoy sound.  
Always did like the Schaller wah, and for its prominent use of the Schaller I always liked "Soul Makossa" by Manu Dubango, one of the the great soul-funk hits of the 70's. I think Kent produced a wah that used the Schaller circuit, if that's any help.
10/17/2000 2:45 PM
Preben Hansen

Well ---  
If you go to Robin's site on his link's page there is a link to Stellan's Swedish pages. Here you can find the shaller WAH BUT-  
The link is broken, fortunecity reports file not found. I will check if i have the file at home, then i can send it to you.  
Regards Preben
10/18/2000 5:57 AM

Thanks Preben, I have tried all the suggestions so far but have not had success.

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