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Pete Townshend

10/13/2000 4:05 AM
Pete Townshend
I just watched Who live at the Isle of Wight, it showed Pete having a problem with an effect pedal crapping. He picks it up and slams it violently on the stage. Anybody know what it was? What type of effects did he use during this time? Woodstock? Live at Leeds?
10/13/2000 4:46 PM
Matthew Springer

Don't know about the pedal, but you could probably figure it out from the gear history over at  
I've got the album sitting next to me here at work and the photos show him playing an SG into a Hiwatt stack or two.
10/13/2000 6:20 PM
IIRC, he was using a couple different fuzz boxes, one of which was a Sola/Colorsound Tonebender. Fulltone makes one and the schematic is at geo.
10/14/2000 3:47 AM

I've seen a picture of him on stage, early 70's (?), coveralls, Doc Martens, with an SG Spec. and Hiwatts, and he had a Fuzz Face on the floor in front of him.
10/14/2000 6:10 AM

Thats great! I love watching the Who during that time in thier career. To me, its the greatest time. Guess I'm off to, and thanks!
10/14/2000 7:37 PM
Bryan James

are you talking about the end of magic buss?? if you noticed right before he slams the pedel acouple of time he throughs his guitar in the air then catches it. don't know if that had something to do with the effect craping out.... maybe it knocked one of the rubber bands off ;) (sorry couldn't resist)  
10/16/2000 2:02 AM

I'll have to watch that video again. I can't remember seeing anything there. Then again, it's hard to pick up on when Pete's throwing guitars into amps. You never know what he's got the shits with on any night! :)  
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