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Money being no object, who makes the best chorus pedal?

10/9/2000 2:20 AM
Money being no object, who makes the best chorus pedal?
Been looking lately and really don't want to buy anything that I'll soon dislike. What sounds good? Are tc electronics all they're talked up to be?  
Much thanks,  
10/9/2000 3:58 AM

If money is no object, advertise for an old Roland CE-1. The Voodoo Labs Analog Chorus is more or less a clone, though, and readily available. A little noisy sometimes, but *if* what you're after is the "classic" Police-type chorus sound, there it is. FWIW David Gilmour I believe uses an old Maestro phase shifter instead of a chorus or Leslie for studio work, and Eric Johnson does use the tc Electronics, if that's the kind of chorus sound you're after.  
10/9/2000 7:41 AM
Anders Westerberg

I'd go for a TC Electronic.
10/9/2000 9:17 AM

"I'd go for a TC Electronic"
So would I, but I never have that sort of money!  
I do like the Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe chorus, but it's hard to set up well. (and you get Tremolo and Vibrato in the same package)
10/9/2000 2:05 PM

If you look around, you can find TC's for well under $200. I traded the old solid state Marshall rack mount preamp (which cost me $150) for one. It was, IMO, a good trade. Just be patient, and one will come along.
10/9/2000 4:28 PM

I borrowed a friend's TC Electronics Stereo Chorus/Flanger/Pitch Modulator for about a week and while it sounded great in stereo, it sounded thin in mono. Something to listen for if you get the chance to try one out. He then got a major 60-cycle hum in it and hasn't touched it since (the power supply is built in). TC Electronics has not responded to several e-mails and it's been months.
10/9/2000 4:53 PM

to date the TC Electronics SCF is the most pristine sounding that i've tried. for reference, i've owned a CE-2, CE-3, CE-5, and like the TC best.
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