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10/6/2000 6:28 PM
After getting a really nice distortion sound from Bi-amping I wanted some effects to go with it. When I use the 2101 the efects are so reverberant that it really sounds like crap (kinda like their distortion) or way to much effect. If I crank the dry to say, about 95 the reverberation disappears but the effects are to weak. The FX send and return jacks bypass the effects processor so that's a no go also. Will pedals do the same or do I have to much pre-gain for the effects? or is it the 2101 ?
10/8/2000 3:20 PM
K Bull

Damn, It looks like I'm going to have to figure this shit out by myself:(
10/8/2000 4:14 PM

One thing you have to watch when you use two amps is the Phase of the speakers. Want do I mean, you want the drivers to be moving in the same direction, some effects invert the signal phase or shift the phase sometimes causing problems. When the sound is not right try turning one of the speakers around.
10/10/2000 1:32 AM

some effects invert the output between the two intentionally though!
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