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Hammond 1590BB @ $9.40 + S&H

10/2/2000 7:33 PM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)
Hammond 1590BB @ $9.40 + S&H
I have stock for immediate shipment. S&H for one piece to any U.S. address is $2.50 (the thing weighs over half a pound). However, because of the way the postal rates work, I can ship two or three pieces for total S&H of $4.00.  
Terms are as usual--checks, MOs or PayPal (preferred!) to my E-mail address. Snail Mail to:  
Small Bear Electronics  
123 Seventh Avenue #156  
Brooklyn, NY 11215  
Work on my web site progresses, and this item will be on the stock list when I'm done (along with other goodies). I will probably also stock the MXR-size box down the road.  
The stomp-switch business has been encouraging; thanks to all for your support.  
Yours In Loud, Boisterous Noise  

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