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? for RG/anyone-buffer stage for fuzz face

10/2/2000 8:21 AM
? for RG/anyone-buffer stage for fuzz face
I have noticed that my modded fuzz face ri's sound a lot cooler when preceded by a ts or boss SD1,even when they are 'switched out'. I understand that the buffer stage in the ts and boss is giving the FF a better signal to work with, so I would like to build a copy of the buffer stage of the ts circuit and install it in the FF. Question is, do I need both input and outstages, or will just one work?  
If just one, which one?  
Or should I just build an LPB1 w/a trim pot[adjusted to almost no boost] and stick it in the FF?  
Thank you in advance for your thoughts, everyone.  
- Joe
10/2/2000 8:30 AM

By the way, I just did 2 nights in a roadhouse in colorado with a Zvex Fuzz Factory, modded Boss SD1,modded FF RI,and modded FF ri#2[Fuzzface"prehistoric series",modded with dinosaur knobs and primal paint scheme].  
This was directed to either a Jomamamusic Keleman Reverb 45 or homebrew 66 deluxe by Tim Gagan.  
A whole weekend of KILLER tones.  
Many thanks to RG Keene for his website and the inspiration to make these pedals really sing. I based my FF mods on his 'technology of the fuzz face'article.  
Pics of the "prehistoric" FF to be posted soon on the homebrew page... Stay tuned.
10/2/2000 11:57 AM

I have installed a switchable FET source follower buffer in all my Fuzz Face clones, I think it really helps the tone especially with a humbucker equipped guitar. The buffer that has been suggested (by RG Keen I think) for a Cry Baby will work fine. You will also probably need the 50K pot between the output of the buffer and the FF input, as the buffer may make the FF distort poorly; the 50K pot will help that. Good luck!
10/4/2000 7:31 AM
Joe Gagan

thanks for the post, Mark, I followed your advice, went looking at GEO for  
the Buffer schem and can't find the schem. All the other info is there,  
including photos of the crybaby board before and after the buffer is added. I  
can almost figure out the circuit from the photos, but would like to see the  
schem to verify a few things. Any ideas where to find it?Thanks again, Joe
10/6/2000 4:39 PM

Check out Aron Nelson's Rocket fuzz, it has a buffer circuit. Wire up a 50K pot connected as a variable series resistance between the buffer output coupling cap and the input cap of your fuzz and you should be there.  
Good luck!
10/7/2000 7:50 PM
Joe Gagan

Thanks, MKB. Not only will I try that buffer in my FF, but I am very intrigued about the Rocket. I already had seen that schem and was interested in building one. I will post my results here.
10/3/2000 1:06 PM

The 3tran fuzz is a modded ff with a buffer in front of the ff circuit the 10k between the buffer and the ff part is a very simple model of a pickup. Some of the changes are to make Si sound good in a ff circuit.
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