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Who makes the highest quality A/B box?

9/26/2000 11:19 PM
Who makes the highest quality A/B box?
Hello all. I'm trying to enter the foray of playing live with multiple amps. Can't use the Marshall everywhere so two nice non-mv combos should be nice. Problem is, I've heard(read) so many horror stories about ground loops and/or grounding problems. Supposedly the higher quality AB boxes eliminate most of this. Can someone enlighten me with further details? And who actually makes the good pedals?  
Much thanks,  
9/28/2000 10:59 AM
YOU can make the highest quality A/B box. Jack Orman's box at AMZ is about as good as they come.
9/28/2000 12:11 PM
JD Sleep

I agree with anon that YOU can make the best box, but it's not at AMZ...unless you buy or already own the CD. You can try a simple A/B box like this one:  
You may or may not have a hum problem. If you do have intolerable hum try this for amp switching (from GEO):  
9/28/2000 4:14 PM
Matthew Springer

Depending on what you're going to use it for, a loop switcher may be more useful. My pedalboard setup currently needs two A/B boxes to work right and it's a royal pain, whereas a loop switcher would only require one switch and be a whole lot more useful to me (and possibly you).  
In general if you want to recombine the thing you split off in the A/B box (ie switch the input and outputs) a loop switcher is a better way to go. If you don't want to ever recombine the signals (like one guitar into two amps), an AB box is what you need.
9/28/2000 7:08 PM

PALMER/Germany makes a real good A/B/C box called  
Tri-Line-Router, it's a sophisticated high quality tool with lots of possibilities such as DI output etc..It can be expanded to switch different amps to only one speaker cabinet. The supplier is Adam Hall Ltd.
9/28/2000 9:44 PM

Excellent. Thanks for the posts, guys. This is something I've planned on for years.  
9/30/2000 1:37 AM
IIRC, the Whirlwind is good.
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