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Being creative with effects housings

9/22/2000 8:51 PM
Joe Gagan
Being creative with effects housings
I was at the thrift store yesterday looking for old electronics stuff that I can raid for parts. It was "half off on pink tag day", so I got a '70s radio shack intercom with a lot of nice parts for $1.50.  
anyway, what I was also looking for was a cool housing for my next project, a booster of some sort to keep my guitar signal strong. What I found was a teflonized frying pan, that when turned upside down looked a little like a fuzzface box. Perfect height, made out of alum.[easy to drill, etc]. Might be a little challenging to get the plugs coming out on the sides, maybe I will get crazy and use right angle plus on the cords and put the in/out jacks on the top. Also will have to figure out a good way to attach a bottom plate[rubber bands ala Eric Johnson?]  
I also liked the omelet pan, you know the ones that have two halves and a hinge to fold the omelet. That was a nice half fuzzface circle+ it has a straight side for the output jack.2 boxes for $2.95  
Just some ideas to urge everyone to get CRAZY with their enclosures!
9/22/2000 9:36 PM

Nice ideas, I like the omelet pan concept...  
As far as a bottom plate I think I got an idea for you... an idea that is not so hard to built.  
Take a small sheet of thin aluminium and fold it into shape so you get some edges coming up into the housing(pan here!) and bolt those edges to the edges of the housing. Kinda like how Morley Wah's bottom plate are made but with sides angled toward the inside at the right angle...  
Anyone with other wacky housing idea please share!  
For an amp housing I once saw a picture of an old radio you know the wodden one from the radio beginings... a guy used it to house is small peavey tube amp... his wife got tired of seing the amp lying around in the living room so he made it more "designer correct" hehe  
I really like goofy housing, myself... if you got a free rack space in a rack you can fill part of it with a nice LED clock, and be one of the cool guy who always has time at rehearsal or gigs really funny looking and practical.
9/22/2000 11:07 PM

I'm using old cake pans from salvation army. You can put several effects in one housing.
9/22/2000 11:30 PM

Just had another "silly" one....  
How about a Big Muff-in mounted inside one of those giant muffin's mold....  
9/23/2000 6:47 AM
Big Dick Re: Being creative with housings
I put a rangemaster inside my Grandmother's old aluminum dildo. Talk about boost!
9/23/2000 7:35 PM
Joe Gagan

You could really $^&% your amp with that.
9/24/2000 2:15 AM
Distortionfreak Re: Being creative with effects housings
I built a couple of pedals and used old housings from spent airbag computers that came out of corollas (I work at a Toyota shop). I also found a small metal toolbox (about the size of a vintage Rat) that I'm going to use as a housing.
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