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fuzz face examples

9/12/2000 1:21 PM
fuzz face examples
Can you give me some classic Jimi H. fuzz face sound examples ? Has he used it on Are You Experienced LP ?  
9/13/2000 7:43 PM
Joe Gagan

There are many examples, but a classic one would be the solo on 'Foxy Lady'. A lot of his solos- both studio, and especially live have that rippin' buzzsaw expressive Fuzz Face sound. Later he supposedly switched to the silicone transistor version. Mike Fuller's website contains interesting info on The differences in Jimi's sound in different eras- Fuller does two different pedals, a '69, and a '70 - to capture the two different eras of jimi's fuzzes. Cesar Diaz's Texas Sqaure Face Fuzz has Trans sockets so you can experiment with Germanium/silicon or combine to find what you like. SRV used these the last couple of years. A good example of this [I'm pretty sure] is SRV's "leave my little girl alone" solo tone on his last Austin City Limits performance. R.G Keene's site also has great info on some mods that were done to some of Jimi's FF's. I just did the Roger Mayer mod to my Dunlop '93 FF reissue last night , and so far I really like what it did.  
I departed a little from the schematic. I eliminated the Fuzz pot since I leave it up all the time. In it's place installed a 2K resistor to ground[off the emitter of trans 2]. That left an open hole for a 250K 'pregain' pot to control the input level[interrupting the hot between the footswitch and the board. this pregain control allows me to tune the pedal to different guitars outputs, since the FF circuit is very responsive to small variations in input level. I strongly recommend adding this to any FF, I have another one with this mod that I've used live for 2 years, and it makes it much more gig-friendly.  
Anyway, I would like to give RG Keene a huge Thank You for providing such a great site.  
Sincerely,, Joe Gagan
9/18/2000 7:24 AM
Could you give us the URL of MIKE FULLER's site?  
9/18/2000 7:49 PM
Joe Gagan

Hi Ben, I'm sorry I was not specific, made some assumptions that everyone would know Mike Fuller is Fulltone  
He has some killer sound samples on there, and he is the guy who plays them. I think he used to be a studio guitarist in LA before starting the co.  
Check'em out!  
sincerely, Joe Gagan ------------- World's only dbl dblneck lefty band
9/13/2000 8:18 PM
Joe Gagan

Don't forget "Star Spangled Banner" from Woodstock.  
That is some HUGE fuzz face [and other stuff] tone.
9/14/2000 6:00 PM
Joe Gagan
Cesar Diaz verification
I checked with the man,Amp Doc Cesar Diaz. He verified that it WAS his Texas Square Face Fuzz on that Austin City Limits show referred to above.
9/16/2000 3:23 AM

rumour has it that Cesar Diaz has been sitting in @ a club in the Poconos. Ya think?

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