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8/30/2000 10:32 AM
I was checking out some old  
junk audio gear and found two  
perfectly good ac128 transistors  
in A reel to reel deck (mullard britan even)  
so I had to build A fuzz face,right?  
Three days later, I had the thing put together  
and it works! The transistors are not A  
match so its not the best sounding  
it is as far as tone right in the  
middle of too nasel and too much bass.  
If I could get around the gain matching  
thing it would be perfect, if not for one  
thing, it is soooo noisy, it sounds like  
somthing is turning the hiss on and off  
and the hiss is in the background and not  
afecting the guitar signal, if I listen to the  
hissing I here, very very faintly some kind of  
interference, voices in the hiss (sounds like A title track). I built the unit using the schematic  
on the technology of the fuzz face web page, with the jimi hendrix mods. anyone have any ideas on how to shut the noise off ?  
8/30/2000 3:22 PM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)

Unfortunately, the noise you hear is probably from the devices themselves. They might not both be noisy, but the only way I know how test this is to swap in a device that you know to be quiet.
8/30/2000 11:26 PM

As for the stray RF, at least put the thing in a metal box to reduce the noise. I suppose you live close to a radio station. I've built mine into a plastic box and it doesn't pickup and radio stations at all.
9/1/2000 4:05 AM

No way pete, I had the thing surgicaly  
implanted into my forehead, it's cool, all  
I have to do is smack my head into my amp  
to turn it on, and then again  
to turn it off.......  
I guess I forgot to mention  
the unit was put into an old reverb  
pan that had served it's usefullness  
and would reverb no more. the interference  
sounds more like cb than radio.  
Pete, I know my homor needs work  
and thank you for your input.  
9/1/2000 6:52 AM

"I had the thing surgicaly  
implanted into my forehead. I have to do is smack my head into my amp  
to turn it on, and then again  
to turn it off......."
It would be a bugger if you had a muliteffects head!
9/1/2000 8:23 AM

No doubt Pete, but this being the year 2000  
and with people all over the world sticking all sorts of things into their heads, it would not  
take A far strech of the imagination to think  
someone has or will try this, and they may be  
offended. if I have offended anybody with  
my poor attempt at humor please accept my full apology here and rest assured, that pete and the  
rest of the good people at Ampage will be here to help. Is there A doctor in the house?  
9/1/2000 3:29 AM

Thanks Steve  
The board I pulled them off of  
was stamped 1966, it was A wonder  
they worked at all. It would have  
been cool to have A fuzz unit free  
and home built but I guess I can  
spring for two transistors.  
Thanks again for your help  

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