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the practice

9/5/2000 8:05 AM
the practice
Thank you for your defense I appreciate.  
You are right on a lot of things.  
concerning what RG said about this argument being on my site, I think I was for him the 'one too many' pedal freak, and was so upset he really believed it.This is not very important in itself, but the only bothering thing to me, is that he really think I am THE KIND OF GUY to use this to sell my pedal.So better that 'witch hunt', I would rather say BIAS (which, for a tech ,is somehow funny).  
Bias or prejudice, is not a good thing at all.  
I really am the opposite.I tend to think that ANY stompbox aficionado, or stompbox inventor, or stompbox copycater, or anyone that use this word, in a potential FRIEND for me.  
I mean, why are we haunting music shops ?  
Aren't we happy, in our every day life, when we meet another person who shares the same interests?  
Do you think we are so numerous that we have to make sub-categories ?  
But I really consider this debate very sane.  
I can learn a lot from RG.  
I can learn a lot even from me, the 'me' under pressure, and it is for the best.  
9/6/2000 1:43 AM
Re: the practice (long)
Give it a rest.  
How can you say that RG is biased when the only points he has taken you to task on are mystical statements you have made that, to some people, may seem factual, when in fact you cannot provide any evidence whatsoever to support these statements?  
Do you still honestly think that assembly order will make any audible difference in an effects pedal?  
Sure, we all have a common interest, but for me - and I suspect many others - that includes looking beyond the facade of magic surrounding some pedals and circuits (certain models of Big Muff Pi, "special" germanium transistors, etc etc) and finding out "why". I guess some people are happy with the "magic" explanations, but I'm not one of them.  
Personally, I think we are lucky to have people like RG around to explain things to the less knowledgable in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. Maybe it is just me, but with the limited time I have to spend on this hobby, I prefer this to a "smokes and mirrors" approach which doesn't do anybody any favours as regard real understanding of how these circuits work, except perhaps those realising that there is money to be made out of promoting a particular point of view.  
9/6/2000 9:51 AM
soldering smoke
It seems to me I always showed a lot of respect to RG.  
About 'smokes and mirrors', please read my posts above titled:  
-'thermic ohm law'  
-'parasitic capacitance'  
-'fender deluxe model 5C3'  
9/6/2000 9:35 PM

You still have not proved your point with those posts and RG is not blowing smoke or trying to use mirrors in his responses to your posts. It seems as though you don't even read his responses to your posts.  
9/7/2000 12:27 PM
Stephen Giles

I have been soldering/breadboarding/repairing etc all manner of effects pedals since 1975! Believe me, it matters not what order you solder parts - the object is to get the thing to work. Mind you, it does make sense I suppose to solder resistors before electrolytics 1 inch plus high for obvious reasons!
9/7/2000 2:21 PM
Here is my last answer on that thread:  
'Thank you for your precise answer, which is not so bad for me after all.  
I do not think I can expect much more than this, and will consider my pedal benefiting of good packaging and workmanship, thus taking the optimum tone from my circuit design.  
After all, and I know I am talking to a Fuzz Face specialist, that was the way they made pedals in the beginning.  
I hope you will discuss different matters in the future.  
all the best.  
jacques '

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