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Mod for Foxx Tone Machine.

8/12/2000 9:55 AM
Mark Abbott
Mod for Foxx Tone Machine.
I recommend if someone is building a FTM, to add a bypass 10uF cap across the 1.5k emitter resistor in the final stage, this increases the volume of the effect which is somewhat lacking.  
I should also mention that I don't use the swell function on RG Keen's FTM board.  
If anyone else has some good mods please pass them on.  
8/12/2000 4:15 PM
CJ Landry

Well, I am speaking prematurely, but I am going to incorporate bass and treble features into my FTM. I am leaning toward the TC Electronics BLD5 tone circuit. I like the tone features of the BLD5. I have yet to build the circuit into my FTM design, but I do not suspect any problems.  
I will incorporate the 10uf cap. Sounds easy and worth a try. Thanks for the tip Mark.  
8/12/2000 8:07 PM

Great idea! I remember my friends raving about this pedal's EQ.  
Aha. That's right, I have the schematic!  
8/12/2000 9:25 PM

I checked your page for the schematic but didn't see it. Is it posted? Or, could it be posted? ;-)  
8/13/2000 10:07 AM
Mark Abbott
Re:Further mods
I should say the idea of 10uF cap wasn't my idea, but Colin Bloxsom's. He build's pedals etc, for some Sydneys bigger bands.  
What I am planning to do with the FTM, is increase the input cap (0.1uF) to 1uF to get more bass response, I've noticed Roger Mayer (etc) uses large value caps to great advantage.  
Another point, avoid putting a bypass cap across the 1K resistor (emitter resistor of the first stage), the fuzz side of things sounds better with the bypass cap, however the octave side of things tends to suffer.  
I will try increasing 10K resistor (collector resistor of the third stage), to get more "sustain", I'll keep you posted on this one. I also used a ceramic cap for the 1000pF feedback cap, at the time I thought this sounded good, but I haven't done any A/B testing here.  
I also tried using a ceramic cap for the 3300pF cap in the tone control, the theory was a ceramic cap would "soften" the treble response, IMHO it didn't work, the treble response sounded harsher.  
Anyone else trying these mods please post your results.  
Mark Abbott.
8/13/2000 7:04 PM

In the spirit of public assistance, I should mention that I just got in a batch of FTM Octave boards.
8/13/2000 7:33 PM
Re: Mod for Foxx Tone Machine.
I can post the tone section no problem.  
This thing is so complicated that no one could build it. WAY to complicated for what it is.  
On the other hand, I also paid way too much $$$ for the schematic.  
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