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Re: Wanted LOVETONE schematics

8/20/2000 7:31 AM
Re: Wanted LOVETONE schematics
Reading thru these posts I thought maybe I could give a different look at all this as a parent in our own little part of the web. My son has been playing guitar for about a year and has grown to appriciate all facets of music including why and how it all works. Coming accross a page about DIY he asked about an effect and the artist who used it. He and I gathered the components and put together as a team and he got to relive a bit of music history. I wish I could explain in words how it feels to see him take such an interest in it all.  
The posts, websites that many fine people willing to share a bit of knowledge and expertise have givin him a use for the web to truly learn somthing and not just for chat or games. And just maybe an interest that might give him direction for the future.  
It is a father and son reading, building and making music and sharing in an interest that we can relate to each other and for that thank you.
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8/21/2000 2:21 PM
Mark Hammer

That's a nice post to read.  
As an incorrigible reader of electronics hobbyist mags over the last 30 years, I have to say that it is rare that simple "projects" can have a tangible outcome that leaves you satisfied. After all, how long SHOULD the thrill of flashing LED's or a 556-based siren last? Semi-instant success with music-related projects hit a triple bull's-eye, though. First, they provide incentive by creating success based on utility of outcome. In other words, it's USEFUL to build a fuzzbox (assuming one is a musician). A direct route between tinkering and utility is bound to increase the likelihood of tinkering. Second, it increases the musical palette of the builder. Third, the best musicians know their instrument intimately. I am always gratified when the lights come on in a musician's head regarding the technology they normally wrestle with. So much better when the musician and technology can hug and kiss, rather than wrestle.  
As a dad with 2 sons, I recognize the fourth bull's eye there as well. I've never been able to get my older guy interested in electronics or guitar, but lately he's getting smitten with MIDI, so I guess there's hope for a mutual hobby yet!
8/23/2000 6:04 AM

It's interesting what you guys are saying about getting the family involved. That was one thing my old man sort of did (well things rub off). We never really had much money, so Dad was always in the work shop building something for this person, or that person, or for us. I suppose that's where things rubbed off. If you wanted something, you either built it, or you went without.  
Nowadays, my little girl thinks everything comes from a shop. Kids don't seem to get that we don't have any money to buy this, make it or go with out. It's great when kids can create something themselves (or with a little help). I think it helps them use their brain instead of wasting it on watching TV.  
As you said Mark, making something useful that they can actually use goes a long way  
8/25/2000 1:05 PM
Stephen Giles

When I put the very first record (a 78)I bought back in 1958 on the family "gramophone", I did so in the knowledge that my Dad had built the beast. I dare say the circuit, valve of course contained something which I could have put to use in later years when I started making electric guitars.  
He was never really interested in any of the stuff I build though!
8/29/2000 3:50 AM

Don't be so sure that he wasn't interested in what you built. Father have an uncanny way of saying one thing and meaning another in their own way

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