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Help! Wah became a volume pedal : (

7/27/2000 10:55 PM
Help! Wah became a volume pedal : (
I have a Dunlop crybaby the 'new original' model.  
Last year I converted it to true by-pass.  
Over the last few days it started acting funny, when off, & the gtr volume down it would squeel.  
So, tonite I checked all the solder joints thinking that something was screwy.  
Now its a dull sounding volume pedal.  
Did the inductor go?  
Did I fry something else?  
Thanks in advance.  
7/27/2000 11:09 PM
Re: Got it
Well, I just surfed over to the Teese page & discovered that I probably have a dead inductor.  
So I guess that I need a new one.  
7/27/2000 11:41 PM
Mike Burgundy
Re: Got it - or maybe?
Before you buy an expensive inductor, see if the cap that goes from the "top" end of the inductor to ground (4.7u, often) is defective - this also causes volume-pedal like behaviour, and it's a dirt cheap part.
7/28/2000 1:51 AM

Mike, thanks for the heads up, are you talking about the electrolytic cap? It's 4.7u, and looks easy enough & cheap enough to try first.  
7/28/2000 2:04 AM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)

If you need the inductor, I went shopping at Sovtek the other day and have one in stock.
7/28/2000 2:21 AM

I was just over at your site to see if you stocked the inductors.  
I think I'm going to replace that cap, & see.  
If I need the inductor I know where to look.  
I thought that I saw the Icar (sp?) ones around somewhere, oh well. I can't imagine them being all that.  
7/28/2000 10:05 AM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)

I do have one. Price Sovtek retail plus $2 S&H. I just do not have time to do nearly everything I want to do, especially including updating the site with a stocklist like Keen has. It will happen, but slowly.

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