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ART unit PS problem

7/16/2000 1:57 AM
Dave ART unit PS problem
I Have two ART processors that both have the exact same problem that I cant figure out.  
Wheen you turn them on, everything is fine and dandy, but after after about 10-20 seconds, the power supply heats up and the power drops.  
What could be the cause of this??  
Any will be greatly appreciated.  
7/16/2000 8:07 PM
Don Symes

You could try a fuse inline with the wart's output to isolate the problem to the processor or the wart. (assuming it _is_ a wart, with it's current rating known).  
It ain't much, but it's a start.
7/17/2000 5:48 PM
No wall warts here....its an internal supply....
7/18/2000 12:11 PM
Don Symes

Poo. Anybody got a schematic?
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