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BossCE2 To Trem Mod??

7/13/2000 9:02 AM
BossCE2 To Trem Mod??
Is there any way to mod a Boss CE2 Chorus pedal to give it more of a tremelo effect? ie: More Swamp!!
7/13/2000 1:44 PM
Mark Hammer

Yes. Two steps involved:  
1) Get a CE-2 schematic, OR find out where the delayed and straight signal are mixed together.  
2) Lift the appropriate line (i.e., the straight signal) at the mixer stage.  
This will give you a pitch-varying version of the input alone.
7/13/2000 2:04 PM

Thanks Mark,  
Now then..........anyone seen a CE2 schematic floating around??
7/13/2000 7:12 PM
I see one floating your way....
7/13/2000 8:04 PM
Mark Hammer

I *think* I see one floating MY way, but it's sooooo faint, I can barely see it....  
WAIT!! oh wait, wait a minute Mr. Postman, way-yay-yay-ait Mr. Postman....:)
7/13/2000 11:27 PM
Ed Rembold

I would love to have that schem too.  
Also more importantly, I would love to hear  
about Hammer Mods. I've always wished my CE2  
would -  
1) go faster, it goes real slow, but not real fast.  
2) do chorus/vibrato switching  
What else, Mark??  
thanks , Ed R.
7/14/2000 8:32 PM
Mark Hammer

The schematic and accompanying "Hammer mods" can be found at:  
Look for the red numbers and use them to refer to the mods listed below. This is all plain vanilla stuff, but it makes a difference.  
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