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Re: How to unfuzz your DF-2

8/1/2000 8:23 PM
Re: How to unfuzz your DF-2
This is not really CLEAN boost.  
It distort too, but with more volume and less compression.This Red Led mod sounds similar as without diodes  
but with a bit of tube-like shaping.  
Sound with diodes is my favorite.  
8/1/2000 8:41 PM

Exactly:sound with red leds is my favorite.  
8/7/2000 8:49 PM

I maked a new mod today!  
Instead of one of red leds I added one  
1N4148 for assymetrical clipping.  
Sounds better and better.  
Now I have three total different sounds-  
original, no diodes-boost, and  
this assymetrical clipping-my favourite.  
I maked another good(for me)mod.  
I dont like filtering on original  
DF 2- on middle position it have some  
mids cutoff and it give some"metal  
feeling" to my ears.  
I added 100n(c13) cap instad of 22n to the  
tone control. It give flat tone in middle  
pot postion, and just cutoff bass on one side  
ind highs on the other side,  
which sounds more "Bluesy "and naturally to my ears.  
In mode NO CLIPPING-NO DIODES I have a  
problem-when Drive pot is minimized  
and diodes disconnect, it gives nice  
clean bright boost.  
But when I play with this setting  
some real POWER chords(I used  
passive pickups), the peaks  
of signal IS a little clipped.  
I want in this mode just CLEAN signal(and, of  
course, feedbacker).  
I have idea - jumping the 1k resistor  
in series with drive pot in feedback loop.  
Or changing resistor R7 or R10 by preamp  
Have you any ideas?  
7/31/2000 11:23 AM
Re: DF-2 switching conundrum: the flip-flop flaps
Thank you for your idea.  
I will disconnect the diodes from the ground.  
I have one idea-adding switch for diodes.  
Two modes-boost and fuzz-it would be great thing!  
Thank you  

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