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fuzzzzy favs

6/10/2000 2:46 AM
fuzzzzy favs
I've been thinking of getting myself a vintage Big Muff. Any ideas from you fuzzaholics on what to look for? Which issue is your fav? Is the "triangle knob" the Holy Grail? Ram's head? Any real differences between transistor and op-amp versions? How does the reissue compare? I'm wanting something fuzzy and corpulent, with a dynamic, open transient response, not stiff and boxy. Should I skip the Big Muff in favor of (----). Whew! All suggestions appreciated!
6/10/2000 10:59 PM

I like the reissues, and YES i have owned a second generation straight-line original. I think the reissues sound better, personally. One word of caution.. I had a green reissue which I absolutly loved, but screwed it up modding it (trying to get it into a Hammond BB box. Those parts in the reissues are fragile, all the transistor leads broke off on me!) So I got one of the newer black reissues. I Hate it, no sustain what so ever. I don't know if all the black ones sound like this, but I tried several green ones and loved most of them.  
About the cheap parts breaking on me... I used that pedal for several years problem free, it was when I started screwing around with it that it broke.  
Now I just wait for the board I ordered from RG to get to me!  
Another thing, STAY AWAY FROM THE CREAMY DREAMER for reasons we shouldn't get into....
6/11/2000 4:02 AM

Thanks for the input Floydfan.  
I, too, have a green reissue and am awaiting delivery of another one. I like it enough that I'm wanting to see if I can get something like it, but even better. But, similar to your experience, I have not heard good things about the black ones.  
I like the monster tone of my greenie, but am hoping to find something that's a little less hard and crunchy, a little softer with better sustain. I want it to buzz and hum like a big hollow kazoo, or kind of like a didgideroo, not crunch like a hammer. I'm starting to think a Big Muff is not the answer, but was hoping maybe the older ones were different.
6/11/2000 8:19 AM
Eric H

"maybe the older ones were different."
They sure were, ALL of them --like fuzz-faces.  
I bought a triangle-knob in 1970 and hated it. I Knew 3 others that had them too, and they were all different, one out of the four sounded killer (to me). Parts quality, and tolerances are, in general, much better now (the workmanship on those old EH pedals was terrible too).  
6/11/2000 3:40 PM
The FZ5 60's fuzz that MF has for about $20.00 is a BMP with fet switching. If you replace 3 caps the bypass is clean. I sent Aron a Email with the "mod" Aron you can post it if you want.
6/12/2000 7:58 PM
FZ5 is a REAL BMP??
What I mean by real is, a transistor BMP---I'm sorry, but i think the op amp BMP's sound like crap compared to the tranny BMP's.
6/12/2000 8:20 PM

Yup, according to the schem that's posted up, it's a transistor BMP with electronic switching.
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