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DPDT foot switches

6/9/2000 2:52 PM
DPDT foot switches
Hi All,  
Has anyone got a UK source for DPDT stomp switches? I've tried Farnell, RS, & Maplin but the best I can find is SPDT. I don't mind buying 10 or so if someone can come up with a stockist.  
6/9/2000 6:32 PM

Maplin have them - FH93B, 5.99 each; cheaper if you buy more than 5.
6/10/2000 8:21 PM

Thanks Stuart, not sure how I missed that. Can't believe RS don't do them anymore.
6/11/2000 1:47 AM
zachary vex
ahh-hah! the infamous Miyama switch. seems like a nice switch, actually... too bad the nut is soft. body seems to be made of a relatively high-temperature bakelite-looking plastic.  
6/9/2000 8:56 PM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)

I realize that exchange rates and shipping may make this a "non-starter" I think is the expression, but I'll try anyway:  
Carling 316-PP U.S. $9.00 each  
Pack and ship 10 pieces to anywhere in western Europe - $8.00, delivery about 7 business days if you believe our post office.  

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