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IC mfg. symbols or logos

5/30/2000 12:27 PM
CJ Landry
IC mfg. symbols or logos
Has anyone seen a site which displays IC mfgs. logos? I need to find data sheets on an AM6012. I think this part has been discontinued but I do not know where to start looking. This chip is on the digital bd. of an EH 16 second delay.  
CJ Landry
5/30/2000 3:10 PM
Joe Fuzz

Hey, CJ! Try the chip directory:  
Once the page loads, look just underneath the IC manufacturer by name index and you'll see a link for Logos.  
Good luck! :)
5/30/2000 3:56 PM
Mike I.

Email me privately and I will help you out with the AM6012 stuff. I have .pdf's and can tell you where you might find some inexpensive chips. They were made by AMI (American Microsystems Inc? - not the same as AMD). Long out of business. Philips made equivalents until a few years ago, PMI also made an equivalent until they went out of business. These chips usually go for 80 dollars US and up. Regards, Mike
6/9/2000 4:06 AM

If it is AMI, the company actually does still exist. They are in Pocatello, ID.....or at least the fab is. Most likely they no longer make that part, mostly a foundry as I understand it, but you might call and inquire.  
5/30/2000 4:55 PM
zachary vex
i found these parts on the first try at allcom electronics, paul at 352-367-8406.  
they have 9 parts in stock with the humbers am6012adc and am6012d, and i talked him down from $15 each to $6 each if you buy all nine. but like i said, this was a first try, and they are also available from st electronics in clearwater fla and worldtronics in lillington nc and bay area computer in san hose, among many other suppliers in the US, UK and other countries.  
keep in mind that you have to approach these suppliers aggressively, like you search for huge quantities of parts all day long, and always ask for the per-piece price if you buy everything they have in stock, and then say "hmm... my original part doesn't have any suffix letters. you know how that goes... i should really get a sample."  
5/30/2000 6:19 PM
CJ Landry

Thanks Zachary, I should know if this chip is the culprit soon. However, the way you and Mike are writing, it sounds like I should get a couple to have on hand for the days when the AM6012 becomes extinct?  
Thanks for your input,  
CJ Landry
5/31/2000 1:32 AM
Mike I.

Hi CJ,  
I'd say the AM6012 has been extinct for some time! Get 'em while they're hot! Mike

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