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All tube envelope filter?

5/12/2000 10:16 PM
Reid Kneeland
All tube envelope filter?
Has anyone ever designed or built (or even heard of) an envelope filter (auto-wah) with tubes for the active components? Cool idea? Stupid idea?  
Thanks for any input,  
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5/13/2000 1:33 PM
Ryan L

Electro Harmonix has done just that! Its called the Tube Zipper and is going to be available in the coming months. Very interesting......
5/15/2000 8:16 PM
Reid Kneeland

It seems to be a well-kept secret - I can't find any references to a Tube Zipper anywhere on the web (though I did get some interesting hits for the word "zipper"). Do you know anything specific about it (tube complement, voltages, opto or not, etc)?  
5/15/2000 8:35 PM
Mark Hammer

There was a posting somewhere, complete with pictures a few months back. I didn't get the feeling from looking at it that it was legit. Not to say it was a hoax, but that someone had clearly built something and tacked on some familiar names, and these were either somebody's pipedreams, something made for a trade show and never to be produced, or whatever. What was visible was clearly way out of the price range favoured by EH and their customers. In short, I wouldn't go looking for this at Musician's Friend or Mars anytime soon.
5/15/2000 9:40 PM

real or not, here is the url:
5/15/2000 11:06 PM

I thought these WERE going to be produced:  
from this article:
5/16/2000 12:13 AM
Reid Kneeland

Funny how one article says "Electro Harmonix" and the other doesn't... yet it's the same picture on both pages! It turns out that the tube EF is called the Tube-Tron. I wonder who's really making these (does EH sell under a different name in Europe?).  
Anyway, it's a stompbox, so it's probably designed for a fairly low supply voltage. What I'm interested in would be a rackmount unit (or integrated with a rack preamp). Since I'm also working on a tube compressor, they could probably share some circuitry, esp. the envelope rectifier. (This is targetted for a bass guitar amp, BTW. I'd like to keep the signal path all-tube between the input jack and the power amp).  
Keep those cards and letters coming in folks.  

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