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Tremolo pedal

5/10/2000 7:09 PM
Tremolo pedal
Someone saw my posting on the best trem pedal circuit and emailed me regarding a trem based on the Voodoo Vibe tremolo circuit. Could you email me again?
5/11/2000 2:28 PM
Ian Anderson

Just to but in here, ahem! - The Voodoo Vibe as the best tremolo circuit? I have one and can't find a sound out of it I'd *want* to use with tremolo and vibrato options. The chorus is great though (the *only* reason I still own it).  
... Ian
5/11/2000 7:06 PM
Really? I've only heard great things about it...
tell me more, please...
5/12/2000 9:59 AM

I don't agree with Ian. The Voodoo Vibe has got to be the best trem pedal ever, but can be a bit of a bitch to set up. It's got a lot of freedom of control which can get a bit out of hand, as you can set the bias, symmetry, level, speed, etc. etc.  
I've had mine for about 3 years now, and I seriously can't imagine life without it. Chorus sounds great, but I'll agree the vibrato isn't my thing.  
It's also got next to no extraneous noise and the chorus sound lets the tone of the guitar through in a way most others don't seem to. And you can put an expression pedal on there as a speed controller!  
5/11/2000 7:52 PM
Re: Tremolo pedal
Agree that the Vibrato is not too useful, but I think the Trem is good if it's set up right.  
The problem is, with all the possible adjustments there are many bad sounds in there too. I find it sounds best with the Intensity fairly low and the Bias almost full.  

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