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The sound of NOFX with THE RAT?

5/5/2000 1:04 PM
The sound of NOFX with THE RAT?
I've just built the rat distortion pedal, because I wanted the punk-sound of NOFX. Well the rat sounds good to me, but I think there´s a problem with the tone-pot. In the schematic it's marked as an linear pot. But there's to much bass when I turn it just a little bit down. I don't know. I built it with the pcb-layout, so I got a printed-circuit-board.  
Ok, one more question:  
Does anybody know an distortion-pedal which is good for playing punk-rock, such as Lagwagon, NOFX, Millencolin.... ?  
Thanks a lot and have a nice day!!
5/5/2000 4:24 PM

The RAT is pretty good for rock, but my favourite punk pedal has got to be the Boss HM2. I'm probably the only person in the world that thinks this, so will accept any flames coming my way!  
If no-one comes up with the correct layout for the tone pot I'll have a look in my RAT and let you know.  
5/5/2000 5:03 PM

I think the hm2 is good for fuzz bass
5/5/2000 6:47 PM

The HM2 is the best for 80's britsh heavy metal. Specially if you're using a Ibanez :)  
I think the RAT has too much distortion - most people I know who sound good with a RAT use some heavy EQ after it.
5/8/2000 2:09 PM

Hey that's funny!!! The Boss HM2-Distortion-Pedal is that pedal what I wanted to build next time. Well I don't exactly know how it's sound, but I think I have nothing to loose when I build it.  
Perhaps I've used a wrong resistor or capacitor in the Rat. I will fix it, but I didn't have the time on weekend. Well I look it up today or tomorrow and let you know when I found something. Thanks for your help, Liam!!
5/5/2000 4:41 PM

The Rat tone control is counterintuitive. Fully clockwise gives the most treble, fully counterclockwise gives rolled of highs and sort of a "woman tone". If this isn't the problem, maybe you should just sell someone the pedal. Someone out there would probably like a Rat pedal with more bass.  
5/5/2000 4:45 PM

D'oh, I got it backwards. Clockwise is less treble, counterclockwise is more. So it's probably some entirely different problem, and I've never tuned a rodent, just used to use a stock one. No help here.  
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