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For Fuzz Face Fanatics (4Fs?)

4/24/2000 4:20 AM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)
For Fuzz Face Fanatics (4Fs?)
I have never posted here before and notice a lot of handles I don't recognize. So:  
I offer tested pairs of 2SBXXX (PNP Japanese) devices, suitable for FFs and clones, as well as a design (free) for a clone, the Bear Face, that has an active tone control and true-bypass switching built into the board. Many sounds not possible with the standard FF and lots of possible mods.  
Details on my site. The URL is:  
4/24/2000 5:37 AM
Joe Fuzz

Steve: I'm glad you posted here. I've visited your site and I wanted to ask you:  
1) We are talking Germanium transistors, correct?  
2) Do you test your transistors for noise as well as for beta? In other words, do you use a test jig or do you use the beta/hfe tester on a multimeter?
4/24/2000 11:36 AM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)

Thanks for Inquiring:  
I don't test for noise; I use a test jig, measure collector current with open base at 9v (and give it some time to stabilize because almost all of these devices have at least some leakage). Then apply base current thru 1 meg and measure base current, do the arithmetic.  
These are all germanium, all PNP, typical types 2SB22, 2SB175, 2SB324, etc. I put each pair in the FF circuit after the gain match to be sure it sounds sweet.  
Haven't had a complaint yet...will take back any pairs that don't satisfy as long as they haven't been soldered to.  
4/25/2000 2:45 AM

I order a matched set of FF transistors from Mike Fuller marked with hfe's of 91 and 100. Did I get screwed? Can I still use standard FF resistor values or will I need to tweak or is there no hope? I haven't started building it yet, just finished a Sola Sound Tonebender clone and have been enjoying that for a few days.  
4/25/2000 5:48 PM
Steve Daniels

Fuller's reputation is excellent; I don't expect that you will be unhappy. There is some art to matching these parts and some uncertainties are part of the process. Try them on a breadboard with the standard FF values before you get "agita", and let us know how you make out.  
4/26/2000 11:34 PM

Just wanted to vouch for Steve Daniels and his transistors. I bought two pairs of germaniums from him last week for my first do it yourself projects. They arrived within a few days, and worked great. The best part of the deal was that when the inevitable questions/problems came up with my project (I'm a beginner at this) he was very responsive. I recieved several detailed answers from him, both to my personal email and in response to questions I posted on internet forums. I should also point out that although I was using Steve's transistors, I was not building one of his projects. He still helped me out just as if I was building one of his designs. I've bought components from boutique effects companies in the past for doing mods, and trust me most companies don't have the time or inclination to cater to do it yourselfers. (I once asked Mike Fuller of Fulltone a question about using one of his 3PDT switches and his response was "I don't offer support for mods" - I'm not knocking Fulltone, I love their pedals, but they don't cater to DIY folks) Steve goes out of his way to be helpful. Just my $.02.  

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