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boss dimension C

4/19/2000 4:23 PM
peter boss dimension C
Anybody know anything about this pedal?  
Apparently it is a sort of a chorus, but it  
has no knobs-- just 4 'presets'. According  
to reviews on Harmony Central, it is the  
bees knees (your superlative here).
4/19/2000 4:51 PM
Jim S.

I used to own one. It wasn't bad, but I missed having knobs. I found that only one or two presets were useable; the other ones were a bit too exreme sounding for my tastes. The overall chorus tone was very crisp and clear, but maybe a tad "icy".  
I think if I were to buy a chorus pedal now, I would get the Voodoo Labs one. It's supposed to be a clone of the original Boss CH-1, and it has a very warm, rich analog sound, as well as a true bypass feature.
4/20/2000 12:16 PM
Joe D

I have one & use it regularaly.  
1st preset is kind of a shallow phase shifter.  
2nd light chorus  
3rd deeper chorus  
4th light tremelo type chorus.  
I don't know if it's the cat's pajama's but I like it.  
4/20/2000 12:31 PM
Paul D.

I don't like "wobbly" effects - the DC-2 gives me chorus (& "dimension", especially when used in stereo) without the wobbles. I like it.
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