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Re: What overdrive pedal for Blackmore sound

4/6/2000 7:21 PM
Eric H
Re: What overdrive pedal for Blackmore sound
"Plus, if you cop Richie's  
technique, that will do more than the stompbox could ever do."  
Agreed, and as well, the badass Blackmore attitude.  
Saw him a bunch of times in the '70's.  
At the Pasadena civic (CA) in 1970 he used 335, tele, and strat --sounded great on all of them. He was playing a solo, hunched over the 335, and broke a string.  
Casually grabbing both strap-ends, he pulled them and the 335 dropped to the floor, KRAAANG! he kicked it around for a while, till a roadie strapped on the tele -no BFD, mate. Always loved that baddest-gunslinger-on-the-block stuff. Jeff Beck had it, and Albert Collins too (didn't want to get onstage with that guy!)  
4/7/2000 1:36 PM

Don't forget your pickups.  
Blackmore used Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders.  
These are very overwound single coils that  
are very much like P90s. Large magnets.  
Very middy sound. I had a strat with  
"vintage" style PUs and thought I'd try the  
Quarter Pounders.  
Wow, through a cranked marshall, it was very  
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