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Dano Cheapo Opines

4/5/2000 12:36 PM
Dano Cheapo Opines
Anyone have any comments on those funky cheap little Dano pedals they just came out with?
4/5/2000 1:18 PM

I own a Daddy-O, and after a mild modification (replaced the clipping LED's with good diodes, replace the opamp with a better one) it's quiet and real useful.  
For me, I use it as a boost/tone shaper to jump from "crunch" to "lead" mode into a homebrew Champ beastie...  
... most useful $60 I ever spent.  
Also had the chorus for a while, but found it a bit noisy, and got tired of the built in noise gate pumping on and off... although it had a credible chorus effect.  
... Whit
4/5/2000 2:12 PM

Agree with all that. The Dan echo is the next best thing to a tape echo, too.  
BTW, Whit, what LEDs and Op amp did you fit in your Daddy-O. Mine could do with a bit of cheering up, too.  
4/5/2000 3:00 PM
Change the small electros as well. I left the tl072 in, but replaced the leds with 2,1n4148 in par that in series with a 10 trim pot set up as a bounding resistor (R.G. has wrote about this in the past) To my taste I like the pot at about 1/2 a 4.7k or 5.1k would work as well I placed the parts on perboard and stuck in in the 2nd battery area cast in the effect makes it easy to tune.
4/5/2000 5:18 PM

I think the question was about a *new* series of ultra cheap pedals (hovering around $40 for most, I think) that are on Danelectro's web site. haven't encountered one in the flesh nor in sound file, so I can't really help answer.
4/5/2000 6:08 PM

That's exactly right. Saw them in the Guitar Center catalog. Something like 8-9 different ones. Smaller than the other ones, but shaped the same. Priced $30-40. Some of them sounded like they might just be cheezy enough to get unique sounds out of. And at that price, you could buy a few and mod them cheap if you had to, I suppose. I'll try them out when I hit Guitar Center next time.
4/6/2000 6:27 AM

I tried the Corned Beef Reverb pedal. It sounds like a bad digital delay pedal set for slapback. I didn't even bother trying any others after that. >sigh< I sure do miss old Fender reverb.

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