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MXR pedal box size???

3/24/2000 10:35 AM
MXR pedal box size???
Does anyone know where I can get the exact size boxes that MXR used for the Distortion+, 6 band EQ and Noise Gate/Line driver?  
The reason why I ask is that I seem to have misplaced a couple of the bottom lids....  
Better yet, if you have some lying around, let me know!  
3/24/2000 12:14 PM
The early script boxes were made by a company called Bud and are avaiable from Mouser.
3/24/2000 5:28 PM
Mark Hammer

Bud, Eddystone, and Hammond boxes are virtually interchangeable in many instances. The size of box you want is substituted for by the Hammond 1590B (which is smaller than the BB so don't get them mixed up).
3/24/2000 6:24 PM

I'm pretty sure the 1590B is not the box since I have a few of them. They are longer than the MXR boxes.  
I'm basically buying the box for the lids!  
I think the Bud brand is the correct one... I will measure and look in Mouser.  
3/27/2000 2:49 PM
Mark Hammer

If you have a listing of measurements, I'd be curious. My hunch was always that they were the ones. Enough of a hunch that I never really bothered to confirm it empirically. As always, this is a situation ripe for eating crow!  
It's also worth considering that the outside measurements are one thing, and the shape of the lid casting quite another. Given that you want to replace the lid, clearly the snugness of fit is of primary concern, even where the actual box dimensions are identical.
3/27/2000 6:36 PM

110mm X 59 mm or approx:  
2 1/4" X 4 1/4" (the 4 1/4" is slightly longer).  
The only reason I know the 1590B is not the one is that I have 3 of them.  
I'm pretty sure it's the Bud now that I think about it. I think R.G.'s FAQ says something or I read it somewhere.  
3/27/2000 8:07 PM
Rick Erickson

"Does anyone know where I can get the exact size boxes that MXR used for the Distortion+, 6 band EQ and Noise Gate/Line driver?"
The originals used a BUD CU-124, the later ones were made with a similar size box but used a much heavier alloy. Those later boxes had MXR cast into the bottom panel of the box. The BUD and later series bottom panels are not interchangable. The later boxes were slightly smaller.  

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