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Anyone read the Eric Johnson equipment article in the new GP?

3/23/2000 2:19 PM
Anyone read the Eric Johnson equipment article in the new GP?
Check it out, May 2K Guitar Player, page 24. It has a picture of his pedalboard, you can see a Fuzz Face with a rubber band around it. EJ claims that the screw that holds on the bottom plate affects the sound, hence the rubber band holding it together. He also places his Tube Driver on top of an Echoplex because it sounds better there.  
No kidding. It isn't even the April issue :)
3/23/2000 3:35 PM

Yep. I thought those statements were the most comical yet. I have a lot of respect for EJ for being a great player, but seriously, RUBBER BANDS!??!?....... that's a bit much, man.
3/23/2000 3:48 PM
How would you like to be his tech? :^J
3/23/2000 4:33 PM
Stan Bailey

Techs? Eric doesn't need any stinkin techs.If his equipment isn't sounding good, he just has to get that rubber band placed just right and all is well. I here he is having trouble finding the jumbo sized ones for his amps though. Seriously, Mr Johnson has kept me wanting to play guitar for many a year now.If he thinks it sounds better, then it probably does.Or, maybe the article was initially meant to be released April first :o)  
3/23/2000 4:41 PM
he can do anything he damn well pleases.  
i thought i was bad about this type of thing... ya know, the nitpicking and constant tweaking.  
i wonder if anybody has a 12-step program for obsessive compulsive G.A.S. disorder? sign me up.  
3/23/2000 4:52 PM
Re: How would you like to be his tech? :^J
Yeah, I could always learn a *new rubber band trick* ...or two. Ya never know! (hehe)
3/23/2000 5:44 PM

considering he's a complete *freak* who almost fired a real pro of a tech for cleaning the fretboard of his strat, an emphatic *no*. (The dirt and grime was apparently an essential element to his sound.) The guy is a ticking time bomb who should just worry about what his hands are doing, 'cause that is entirely where his sound lies. I don't care if he can here the difference between batteries or whether his power is at 115 V instead of 117 V. He always sounds like Eric Johnson, irrespective of his setup. All the control and nuances are something he can do with his hands, since he has a great set of them. He should get over his OCD, shut up and play his guitar, and just do it instead of agonizing over it for decades at a time. I do think his playing and tone are stellar, but come on already.  

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