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Re: Multieffects Systems

3/19/2000 10:52 PM
Gus Re: Multieffects Systems
Some of the newer ones are not bad (time delay effects) Some of the distortion is ok. I like my whammy and my line 6 delay. I was told that the new Korg? one with the petal is not bad by a friend but I have not heard it myself. I would look at how it is built, does it come with a power supply? would it break if someone 300lbs stepped on it is it plastic or metal espression petal will the knobs break of if you kick them by mistake. Can you read and use it without the manual. A big problem is the in and out jacks, are they plastic and mounted on the pcb (the solder often breaks at the PCB connection I fixed a few older whammys ts's etc that had in out jack problems). It is going to have DSP so what you are payng for is the R and D and the construction costs. I would listen and go with the one that SOUNDS GOOD and is WELL BUILT.
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