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True Bypass

3/12/2000 11:31 PM
John De Luca
True Bypass
I am looking to make my pedal rig less tone sucking. Does anyone or has anyone made Danelectro pedals true bypass? While I begging, does anyone know of any tune ups to make like a Fab-Tone and a Daddy-O, sound better?  
3/12/2000 11:42 PM

*Anything* can be made true bypass with a true bypass box. See my article on the Technology of Bypassing and the FX Project on building a true bypass box at GEO.
3/13/2000 12:01 AM
John De Luca

Thank you. May I as a dumb question? Will that fit inside each pedal?  
3/13/2000 9:11 PM

The bypass box does not go in the pedal, but outside. It's a switchable passive effect loop. Picture a DPDT switch and two pairs of 1/4" jacks. One pair is to the guitar and amp, the other pair are the send and return for the effects. When the switch is engaged, the guitar signal is sent through the loop, and when it's disengaged, the signal is passed straight through. A little bulkier for the pedalboard, but it lets you use whatever pedal you want without worrying about the quality of the bypass. I don't know why more people don't do this rather than spend $100s of dollars on esoteric boutique pedals just to get a clean bypass...  
3/13/2000 9:23 PM
I have a daddy o, one thing you can do to improve it is replace the cheap tiny electros with better ones, you may find you will not have to use a switch. I used a bounding resistor(10k pot) and 2 1n4148's instead of the leds. To my ears it sounds good at about 4.7k to 5k (use a 4.7k or 5.1k)
3/13/2000 9:37 PM
John De Luca

Thanks for the info. Are there any diagrams anywhere? I haven't seen any yet. Sorry, I am a bit new to the pedal mods stuff. I think the Daddy-O is a pretty good pedal, but its too buzzy at higher gain settings and a bit harsh too. I was hoping to find folks had done some mods to the Daddy-O and Fab Tone. Thanks for any help.  
3/14/2000 12:50 AM
Jim S.

Do you mean replace each LED with two 1n4148's in series?
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