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Re: Opamp - TS 808 - TS 9 - UE 400

3/13/2000 9:27 PM
Kate Ebneter
Re: Opamp - TS 808 - TS 9 - UE 400
Well, your UE400 is obviously older than mine. I'd say that mine has the TS9-style switches, except that mine has a UE405 switch pedal. :-) So I don't know what it originally came with, but I think it was probably the TS9-style switches.  
I don't know of any compilation of Ibanez effect serial numbers. Might be an interesting exercise.  
You said your TS9 has a 75558 opamp, right? It could, unfortunately, be either an original or a reissue, since Ibanez used that chip in both...  
Kate Ebneter  
Collector of Noise Toys
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3/14/2000 10:31 PM

As far as I can gather there would be no real way you could date Ibanez effects by Serial no's alone,they would be numbered sequentialy but how many did they make a month?Unfortunately you cant go by pots cos they never stamped date codes on them unlike American pedals.  
But this is what I can kind of figure out:  
The script logo was first,replaced by block logo(I'm not confusing this with MXR)around 78,maybe 79? so obviously script ones were first(ones I've seen with both are FL-303 and 305 flangers,PE 105 power EQ(these are cool),PT-999 and Phase tone II,Compressor(orange box),Overdrive II,maybe more,some one maybe able to name more.  
To go into these ones deeper,some were labeled with Patent pending underneath Made in Japan on the bottom of the pedal,some have not got PP on them,so the PP were before the non PP ones.Inside the smaller pedals (PT-999,stereo box ,compressor,etc,the PCB is inside a black box.On the black box is a sticker with Maxon on it.PP ones this is written in script,non PP ones in block.(I've owned a couple of each(PP and non PP and its been the same every time)  
Then the TS-808,PT-999,FL-301 etc came along,these were initially in small boxes like the PT-999 etc before moving to the larger style with easy battery access(I've got an AD-80 Analog delay in small case)  
this is when they started using serial no's,I suppose they started with 000000 or 000001.  
Then the 9 series came along,with these the earlier ones,with the sticker on the bottom they were black with white writing,later ones were white with black writing(similar to re-issues).  
The 10 series,some models had a rubber top on footswitch while others are all plastic.  
Hope this is helpful in some way.  
P.S I've had 3 original TS-9s(all latter ones,ie: white sticker with black writing,and they all had JRC4558s in them) Cant remember what my other TSs and so on use,I might open them up later on and see.  
Also I have a picture of an Ibanez UE-700 and the footswitch panel has old style switches,not 808 style or TS-9 style.  
3/15/2000 7:40 AM

I took the covers off my Tubescreamers and other Ibanez Distortion/overdrive effects and these were the ICs inside them:  
Overdrive II: 1458 (texas Instruments)  
TS-808: 4558 (texas Instruments)  
TS-9: JRC 4558  
sonic dist. SD-9: JRC 4558  
Super Tube screamer ST-9: JRC 4558 (x2)  
POD-1 Prog. Overdrive/dist: JRC 4558 (x3),JRC 5534  
By the way,the way to tell the difference between a re-issue TS-9 and an original is with the reissue,it has the CE symbol on the sticker on the bottom,the original doesn't.  
And I used to have a TS-10 and it had a JRC 4558 in it.  
3/15/2000 11:52 AM
Naked Clarke

Thanks Matt. My TS 9 does not have the CE symbol on the bottom sticker. Thanks again for all of the excellent information.  
3/16/2000 2:07 AM
Kate Ebneter

Matt said,  
"By the way,the way to tell the difference between a re-issue TS-9 and an original is with the reissue,it has the CE symbol on the sticker on the bottom,the original doesn't."  
It's true that the recent TS9 reissues have the CE symbol, but the early reissues don't -- they're basically identical to the later originals. :-( Apparently there is some way to tell them apart, but it involves determining whether or not the footswitch can be dismantled. Not my idea of a good time!  
Basically, if it's got the CE symbol, it's a reissue for sure, if it doesn't, though, it might or might not be. If it's got any opamp other than a 75558, it's an original, if it's got the 75558, it could be either.  
Kate Ebneter  
Collector of Noise Toys
3/16/2000 3:56 AM

I didnt know early re-issue TS-9s did not have the CE symbol,thanks for that info Kate.  
3/15/2000 10:50 PM
Jim R

Mine has white writing on panel. serial #202238.By the way I found this at a swap meet Knobless and footpedalless,$2.00. ,homemade pedal and it works great. Jim

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