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New EH Small Stone

3/10/2000 9:05 PM
Joe Fuzz
New EH Small Stone
Got this yesterday and it's great. It *howls* with the color switch on. I want to use it on every song! :-)  
If anyone has one, can you tell me: does it take time for this effect to "warm up?" In other words, does yours need to be on for a few seconds to begin working? Is it a battery eater? How do you hook up a DC jack for it?
3/10/2000 9:36 PM
Mark Hammer

If you don't mind popping the top off, and telling me a bit about the innards - such as what numbers are on the chips - I might be able to tell you a few interesting things to do with it, including making the color control more variable.  
This is based on a SS mod article from 20 years ago, so I don't know for sure if the mods are pertinent to the reissue.
3/10/2000 10:08 PM
I have not traced a new one. I have worked on a few older ones bad solder etc. I own a newer one the green box one the circuit "looks and sounds" to be the same. The "magic" of some of the old ones is the caps as R.G. has written may time EH used what ever they had in stock at the time. Mark I will email the cap info if you want it, Doc. has tried in his SS and liked it.
3/10/2000 11:59 PM
JD Sleep

Can you post that 'magic' cap info here?  
3/11/2000 1:59 PM

I have an old one(issue J)and would be interested in hereing about this mod if you have the time.  
3/13/2000 3:24 PM
Mark Hammer

Steve Ahola requested the scan for posting on Blue Guitar, so you can expect it to show up there some time in the near future. I sent it to him this morning.
3/11/2000 9:14 PM
Joe Fuzz

Jeez, Mark! I just got the thing 2 days ago and you already want me to rip it apart!? :-)  
Seriously, I got a schematic from the archive:  
I'll do some comparisons. They could be in house labeled, still, or they could be in Russian. We'll see...  
(If R.G.'s lurking around, the link on your site needs updating...)
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