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Wage Huge Green Rhino opinions

3/7/2000 3:51 PM
Jim W.
Wage Huge Green Rhino opinions
Hi. I have a chance to buy a Green Rhino without ever having heard one. I'd like to get some opinions from anyone who's tried one these. Please let me know what you think. I like "Tubescreamer" type of overdrive pedals. Thanks. Jim W.
3/7/2000 4:58 PM

The Way Huge Green Rhino is a clone of the Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer, lower noise with a different PCB layout. If you like the sound of a Tubescreamer, you shouldn't be disappointed with its tone.
3/7/2000 11:42 PM
Daniel R. Haney

The Green Rhino is a high-quality version of  
the Tube Screamer with a full bypass instead  
of a buffered active bypass. The sound is  
generally better and has a cleaner high end.  
Since Way Huge is no more, these pedals have  
gained collecter status and will be priced  
Decide how much you are willing to spend  
beforehand and don't be afraid to let that  
pedal pass by.
3/8/2000 4:44 AM

If you like the Tubescreamers, you'll like this pedal. Is it a Green Rhino or Green Rhino II? I thought the GR II was among the best sounding TS-type boxes I'd played; I don't really care for the whole midrange hump thing, but it did have as nice a sound as I can imagine getting out of that kind of circuit.  

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